Black Marble by Otto, Raffles Holland V Mall: Steaks, Grilled without Frills

Situated at Raffles Holland V Mall, Otto’s Deli Fresh is now rebranded as Black Marble by Otto, focusing on a steak and grill concept. The eponymous restaurant is still helmed by Swiss-born veteran Chef Otto Weibel, accompanied with Head Chef Jay Siaw who is an expertise in char grill.

Not a fan of sous vide, Chef Otto feels that grilling lends flavours to the food while you cannot achieve the same results from a plastic bag. He procures fresh, natural produce from farmers.

Black Truffle Emulsion ($15)

For starters, Black Truffle Emulsion ($15) is like mushroom soup but extra ‘gao’ (thick). It tastes like mushroom cream. Very rich and flavourful. I also appreciate that the aroma of the truffle is not overpowering; and the crispy puffed wild rice and kale add bite and texture to the emulsion.

Baked Brie Cheese ($16)

Warm, soft and creamy, Baked Brie Cheese ($16) is lightly infused with rosemary, fermented black garlic and drizzled with acacia honey. At the first bite, it tastes like regular baked cheese. I can taste neither the honey nor the garlic until I take the portion where the garlic is embedded. They can afford to ‘plant’ more black garlic in the forest of rosemary.

Lobster & Scallop Saffron Risotto ($34)

Lobster & Scallop Saffron Risotto ($34) is absolutely my favourite dish for the night. The rice is cooked to the point that it retains a nice bite and yet it is not too hard. The broth’s bright orange hue is likely from smoked mullet bottarga, which is also responsible for the gobsmacking savoury seafood taste of the risotto.

The lobster and scallops are expertly grilled; the exterior has a hint of char and yet the seafood retains its succulence.

45-Day Dry-Aged Angus Bone-in Ribeye ($78, 600g)

The next dish, 45-Day Dry-Aged Angus Bone-in Ribeye ($78, 600g) is grilled to medium rare. You can eat it with house-made black pepper mushroom port wine sauce but the grilled steak is so good, it can be enjoyed without the sauce.

Grain-fed Lamb Rack ($38)

The chimichurri mint sauce brings out the best of the Grain-fed Lamb Rack ($38). On its own, the grilled lamb rack is not at all gamy and it is so delectable. I usually prefer beef but I will choose the lamb rack over steak for its packed umami flavours.

From The Sea ($88): Boston lobster tail, Tasmanian mussels, tiger prawns, octopus and salmon trout

For an assortment of grilled seafood, From The Sea ($88) is a platter of Boston lobster tail, Tasmanian mussels, tiger prawns, octopus and salmon trout, served with tomato cocktail sauce, hollandaise and seasonal vegetable (asparagus).

The prawns are fresh, easily deshelled with the fork and knife. The grilled salmon trout melts in my mouth. Octopus is okay, not too rubbery. The seafood is delicious but for the price, I’d rather get two plates of lobster and scallop risotto.

24-hour Brine Hand-cut Fries ($8)

The 24-hour Brine Hand-cut Fries ($8) are solid potatoes dipped into tangy yuzu mayo for extra oomph. Brining ensures crispness and yet maintains the fluffiness of the potato inside. A perfect side order for any grilled meat.

Burnt Banana & Buttermilk Waffle

At first glance, it looks like an eggplant but it is actually a chargrilled banana! Burnt Banana & Buttermilk Waffle ($12) is served with a dollop of peanut butter ice cream that goes amazingly with the buttermilk waffle that is pleasantly fluffy and delicious.

The crispy crumbs and chocolate fizzy create a party atmosphere in my mouth. Very addictive. The banana is not of the sweet variety but I find it suitable to balance out the sweetness of the whole dessert.

Black Marble is suitable for communal dining with friends who love excellent barbecues but not having to do the grilling ourselves.


Black Marble by Otto
Holland Village, 118 Holland Avenue, #02-01 Raffles Holland V Mall Singapore 278997
11am – 10pm, daily
T: +65 9641 6913

Food: 7.5/10
Price/value: 7/10
Décor/ambience: 7/10

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Written by Cheang Shwu Peng

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