Where to Stay in Warsaw, Poland: Renaissance Warsaw Airport Hotel Review

Huge lobby of Renaissance Warsaw Airport Hotel with a bar

Renaissance Warsaw Airport Hotel, just a zebra-crossing from the Chopin Airport at Warsaw Poland, is a 5-star hotel, under the Marriott Group.

View from the entrance of the room

It sounds like the hotel is situated far away from the city, but really, Warsaw itself is not huge. The biggest tourist attraction, Old Town, is merely 11km from the hotel. (And Uber is affordable, a 10-minute ride costs about 10zloty or S$3.50.)

Although I think location is the most aspect for any hotel, the distance in this case is not insurmountable.

After staying at 5 or 6 hotels in Poland, I was relieved to stay here. The design is eclectic, quirky, and cheerful; it looks like some Mondrian would design. It’s not a style that I would pick for my home but wow! did I brighten up after seeing the room. It lifted my mood. I was tired but suddenly I was happy.

The room is spacious and everything seems new and neat. The bed is soft and comfortable. This is the first hotel that provides ample full range of amenities including toothbrush-toothpaste (OMG! So necessary), bathrobe, bathroom slippers, hairdryer, safe, etc.

View from the room: the airport

Equally important are the controls by the side of the bed. You can control all the lights on bed, and there is also a USB to charge handphone. USB by bed is important.

Weird that a 5-star hotel still doesn’t have a bath tub! Water comes out of the shower area onto the floor. not a problem for me, but I’m afraid some patrons may slip.

Shower: still no bathtub! 

Overall: really great room, quiet and comfortable and relaxing. No complaints.

The heater on the top right corner of the photo also acts as a hanger, so your towels can dry faster.

Amenities: safe, bath robe, bathroom slippers, hair dryer.

It’s nice to see a well-stock bar fridge, instead of an empty one.

I made a video to show the spatial dimensions of the room:


Nice pool!

The star rating of a hotel refers to the amenities it has, so for a hotel to be considered as 5 stars, it must have a swimming pool and a gym.

The pool looks very inviting and although I like swimming and usually swim in hotel pools, I did not have the time. The gym also has adequate equipment for both cardio and weight training.


The hotel breakfast buffet is WOW. I asserted before that Asian hotels’ breakfasts are better because of the variety, but Renaissance proved me wrong.

Assorted pates

They have a wide variety of Western food: eggs of all sorts, bacon, bread, pastries, ham, etc. But what is really good is their quality.

I cannot resist a good cinnamon roll.

They have kaszanka (black pudding sausage), which is made from pig’s blood and offal: more tasty than it sounds. They make their own pasztet domowy (pate), and normally, I don’t like pate first thing in the morning but this is so tasty.

Assorted cheese – very good!

Potatoes are done in all styles here and they have my favorite, gratin potato.

Parma ham

Everything tastes so good here!

Is this heaven?! French toast, wedges, and scrambled eggs. (Man, I’ve a kid’s tastebud.)

This is a good hotel: good food and big room with full amenities. The hotel may not be near the city, but given Uber and the affordability of Uber fare, I think this isn’t much of a problem.

In conclusion:


-Spacious room

-quiet and restful

-Full amenities in room

-Gym and pool


-Love the decor

-Great hotel buffet, probably one of the best breakfast buffets I have had


-not near city

Renaissance Warsaw Airport Hotel
Zwirki i Wigury 1H, Warszawa, 00-906 Poland

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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