Bread Yard, Galaxis One-North: Bakery Cafe with Dishes that Focus on Bread

Continuing our search for the best bakery cafe in Singapore, we came to Bread Yard at Galaxis atop of One-North Mrt Station. When we were there at lunchtime, it was one of the few eateries to be crowded – and for good reasons.

The menu is simply divided into 4 categories:
rice bowls (all at $14) which comes with bread stick or sourdough
pastas ($10 – $14)
brunch ($14 – $18), the usual suspects such as pulled pork eggs benedict ($14), big breakfast ($18), and French toast ($16)
sandwiches ($12 – $14) which comes with a choice of salad or soup

What I like about their menu is that, except for the pastas, the dishes highlight bread and sometimes, in innovative ways. It’s a bakery cafe, it seems obvious that they should feature their breads, but not bakery cafes do that.

Ultimate Ham & Cheese Sandwich ($14) with a choice of soup or salad

I asked the cashier for recommendations of their popular dishes. He did and then I ignored them completely. HAHA. Sorry. But he has a cheerful disposition. I like his helpful and jovial service.

The ultimate ham & cheese sandwich ($14) is not what I had expected. I thought it would be like a grilled cheese sandwich with cheese oozing. But unfortunately it isn’t.

It is a croissant with an inexpensive honey-baked ham, homemade queso cheese, cheddar cheese, and red apple slices. It sounds strange to have apple but the sweetness serves to undercut the salt. It’s not bad but to call it the ultimate ham and cheese sandwich is a bit of a stretch.

The mushroom soup is thin and pretty bland. They need to add more salt.

Beef kofta shakshuka ($16)

Whenever I see shakshuka on menu, I will get it. And this is one of the best I have had, except for the eggs which yolks are completely cooked when they should have been molten.

One other grouse is they shouldn’t put an entire stalk of paisley on it. They should at least tear the leaves and put only the leaves.

Comes with sourdough

But the flavours are exceptional and bright. The spiciness is perfect, just spicy enough to be exciting but not overly spicy to cover the umami of tomato and feta cheese. The basil pesto adds a zing with the earthy homemade beef kofta (like a kebab).

The shakshuka comes with two slices of sourdough bread and the entire combination is just complex and delightful.

Lychee cruffin ($5)

For a bakery, they don’t have many desserts and we settled for lychee cruffin ($5), a cross between croissant and muffin, encrusted with sugar, injected with a lychee cream. It is ok, but I didn’t like it, finding it artificial and monotonous.

They need to work on their coffee. It gives a very very very long bitter finish. Too long of bitterness.

I always buy a loaf of sourdough bread from a bakery cafe. Bread Yard’s sourdough is denser than other bakeries’. When toasted, the crust is crispy not hard and the bread is still soft. It’s earthy, not sour (I do like sour). I think most people will like it. 

I also bought a loaf of their sourdough ($6.40) home. Altogether, we spent $48 for two persons. It is a pleasant experience and the food is better than other bakery cafes we have been so far. My partner and I agree that it’s a place worth revisiting.


Bread Yard
Galaxis #01-23/24,1 Fusionopolis Place, Singapore 138522
tel: +65 9773 5318
M – F 8am – 7.30pm, Sat 9am – 2.30pm

food: 7/10
price / value: 7/10
decor / ambiance: 6/10
service: 7.5/10

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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