[UPDATE 11.09.2020] Mooncakes Singapore 2020: One Costs $888. It’s Covered in 24K Gold.

[UPDATE] We will update this listicle often as we try more mooncakes. Check back often.

We wrote a Singapore mooncake listicle in 2011 and 2014 and then stopped. We didn’t want to do what other blogs were doing. But this year, we all need a bit of cheer and what’s more jovial than round things? 财神爷, Santa Klaus, my belly, and mooncakes—all round and happy. 月圆人团圆。

Among the mooncakes our RERG team has tried this year 2020, there is a growing trend to incorporate local/Southeast Asian flavours with tradition, giving an interesting twist. There is even a kueh salat mooncake.


Fu Chong Mooncakes 2020

FU CHONG 富冲 by wholesaler Food Affinity offers only traditional halal baked mooncakes. They are best known for their classic white lotus paste with double yolk mooncake and house special wu ren (5-nut) mooncake although they also serve Alishan pineapple, matcha red bean and 4 other flavours.

Purchase is done by different sets:
Big Dipper collection [$55 or $59, 1 normal-size classic mooncake (choice of white lotus paste melon seed or double yolk) + 7 mini pieces of modern flavours]
Modern mini baked skin collection ($39, 6 mini pieces of modern flavours)
Fu Chong baked skin classic (4 pc melon seed $55; 4 pc double yolk $59; 2 pc melon seed, 2 pc double yolk $59)
Double happiness baked skin classic (2 pc melon seed $32; 2 pc double yolk $35; 1 pc melon seed, 1 pc double yolk $35)

Sales starts from 14 August to 30 September at the Food Affinity e-shop. Use promo code MCKANH25 for 25% off.

Mandarin Orchard’s Mooncakes 2020

MANDARIN ORCHARD SINGAPORE‘s mooncakes stay true to tradition, offering classics such as their signature double salted egg yolk 双黄 ($76 nett/4 pcs), mixed nuts and Jamón Ibérico 伍仁 ($76 nett/4 pcs), and Azuki red bean and pine nuts 豆沙 ($73 nett/4 pcs).

Our favourite is the low sugar white lotus paste with macadamia nuts 夏果 ($73 nett/4pcs) with the perfectly baked skin and not-too-sweet filling.

Orders start from 25 August to 1 October 2020. You may order online or call 68316320 / 68316262 for enquiries.

Early Bird Offer | 25 August to 1 September
DBS/POSB cardholders: 30% off
UOB and Citibank cardholders: 20% off

Standard Offer | 2 September to 1 October
DBS/POSB cardholders: 25% off
UOB and Citibank: 15% off

Pine Garden’s Mooncakes 2020

THE PINE GARDEN’s handcrafted mooncakes mix tradition with innovation, offering something for everyone from the black sesame paste with chewy mochi ($16.90/piece, baked/snowskin), to the preserved surprises in the BiLuoChun tea with guava ($17.50/piece, baked/snowskin), and the refreshing snowskin lychee Martini white lotus paste ($18.70/piece).

We recommend the fragrant snowskin yam paste and the crunchy baked brown sugar multi-grain lotus paste ($17.50/piece).

All orders for mooncakes enjoy 15% early bird savings if placed by 7 September 2020, with special rates for corporate bulk orders above 30 boxes. Order online or call 6457 6159.


Conrad Centennial Mooncakes 2020

CONRAD CENTENNIAL has prepared a selection of snowskin mooncakes, all coming in 8 mini pieces at $86 nett. These lunar delights include their royal chocolate hazelnut crunch snowskin, inspired by their hotel’s signature cake; a sweet and earthy green tea snowskin; as well as two new flavours this year, a unique fusion of sea salt gula melaka snowskin and purple sweet potato with pumpkin snowskin.

We recommend the sea salt gula melaka for the novelty.

Sales start from 22nd July to 1 Oct. Order online or call 64327486 / 64327489 for enquiries.

Early Bird Offer | 22 July to 28 August
35% for all cards

Standard Offer | 29 August to 1 October
30% (Citibank, UOB, Maybank, HSBC and AMEX)

Crystal Jade Mooncakes 2020

Assorted petite snowskin mooncakes ($72.80 for 8 pieces after GST) offered by CRYSTAL JADE comes in 4 different flavours with less sugar: taro, sea salt caramel, coconut and lychee martini.

The thickness and the texture of the mooncake skin is on point – soft, not too floury and melts in your mouth.

The flavour of the taro filling is subtle and the texture, cottony.

The sea salt caramel reminded me of the taste of caramel brittle – sweet, addictive and toffee-like.

For the coconut, the rich and fragrant gula melaka in the grated coconut filling combined with white lotus paste is surprising and delicious.

The lychee martini has a distinct floral note to it (think bandung) and packs an alcoholic punch.

You may order online ($12 delivery) or buy in their stores. Remember the promo code <CJMID10> (additional 10% off) when you buy online. All sales end on 1 Oct.

Early Bird Offer | 22 July to 6 September
25% (in-store for Jadeite members, Citibank and UOB Cardmembers)

Standard Offer | 7 September to 1 October (7 – 27 September for e-store)
20% (in-store for Jadeite members, Citibank and UOB Cardmembers)

Li Bai Mooncakes

LI BAI‘s exquisite snow skin mooncakes come in four flavours: champagne, lychee martini, yuan yang milk tea, and green tea chocolate. A box of 8 minis goes for $65.42.

They are all quite delightful, high quality, not too sweet but flavours are full. We recommend: Their champagne mooncake is as good as the famous at Raffles Hotel, and the lychee martini is also lovely with full flavours.

Sales online ends on 1 October. The mooncakes are also available at Sheraton Towers Singapore and Full of Luck Restaurant @ Holland Village.


Golden Moments Mooncakes 2020

To celebrate their 4th anniversary, GOLDEN MOMENTS is offering 1-for-1 promotion (1 Aug – 6 Sept) for their signature premium Mao Shan Wang snowskin and Docello hazelnut chocolate Mao Shan Wang snowskin. The promotion also includes a Spa pass (Worth $58) at Spa Nes when you buy 2 boxes.

Their flavours include Docello hazelnut chocolate Mao Shan Wang ($108/4 pcs), premium D24 ($88.80/4 pcs), and lychee martini ($88.80/4 pcs). Their signature is the Mao Shan Wang snowskin ($108/4 pcs), known for its bamboo charcoal snowskin sprinkled with gold dust, encasing 100% pure Mao Shan Wang durian.

They are fantastic, like eating seedless durian. We recommend the signature MSW snowskin and the lychee martini (lotus paste).

And if you just struck Toto or you are Tywin Lannister, you may want to purchase the 24K Truffle Mao Shan Wang snowskin at $888. It comprises four mooncakes with MSW filling, embellished with five layers of 24K gold foil. It also comes with a 99.9 24K Pure Gold Bar (2g), designed and produced by SK Jewellery.

You may order online or visit their pop-up booths at TANGS Orchard Level 4 (10 September – 1 October) and BHG Bugis Level 1 (7 September – 1 October).

Old Seng Choong durian mooncakes

OLD SENG CHOONG offers traditional baked white lotus paste with pumpkin seeds (4pcs $60.80) or yolk blend (4pcs $66.80) or double yolk or bak kwa (4pcs $72.80).

But their mao shan wang durian snow skin (8 mini $88.80) is made from pure durian pulp. The moment you unbox it, you can smell the fragrance.

Purchase ends on 1 October at MBS or Clarke Quay Central or online. 25% off any mooncake purchase.


Swensen’s Mooncakes 2020

SWENSEN’S mochi-snowskin ice cream mooncakes cater to the locals’ sweet tooth with eight flavours this year: salted gula melaka (new), kueh salat (new) and lotus paste mooncakes, as well as returning favourites such as sticky chewy chocolate, cookies ‘n’ cream, durian king and yam mooncakes. Set of 4 priced at $39.80 with a choice of flavours.

Our favourite is the kueh salat. This Southeast Asian delight charms us with its not-too-sweet creamy coconut ice cream with a light hint of pandan fragrance, encased in a chewy skin.

Orders start from 15 August to 1 October 2020. You may order online or call 6788 8128 for enquiries (9am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays).

Early Bird Offer | 15 August to 15 September
Swensen’s Cool Rewards Members: 20% off
*Select Bank Card Holders: 15% off

Standard Offer | 16 September to 1 October
Swensen’s Cool Rewards Members: 15% off
*Select Bank Card Holders: 10% off

*Bank Partners: Citibank, Diners Club, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC & Standard Chartered Bank. Promotions are applicable on Swensen’s mooncake gift cards as well.

Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho, Vanessa Khong, Alexius Chua, Tan Ken Jin, Cheang Shwu Peng, and Paul Ng.

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