Two Ramen Shops (One of Them Makes It To My Top 5 Ramen in Singapore): Afuri Ramen (Funan Mall) and Tempura Oji (Outram)

Recently, we ate at two ramen shops, Afuri Ramen at Funan mall and Tempura Oji at Outram. They are both not bad.

Afuri Ramen
Funan #B1-29, 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105
t: +65 6970 1386
11.30am – 10pm

Yuzu shio ramen

Named after Mt. Afuri, on the east edge of the Tanzawa mountains in Kanagawa prefecture, Afuri is a global chain with outlets in USA, Japan, and Hong Kong. Their unique selling point (USP) is their yuzu shio ramen ($15.90). It’s a bowl of chicken broth splashed with a dash of yuzu. It comes with only a slice of grilled pork belly and some vegetables.

The ramen is refreshing to the last drop. I finished the entire broth. It’s lighter than other ramens and really reinvigorating. Somehow the broth makes the pork belly sweet, which contrasts beautifully with the tangy broth. We enjoyed it tremendously.

Tonkotsu shio ramen

We also ordered another ramen, tonkotsu shio ramen ($13.90), which is closer to the traditional ramen. It is just okay. The soup is a tad gamey and the pork, somehow, tastes differently–not as nice–as the one in the yuzu ramen.


Afuri is also known for their buta gyoza (6 pieces, $6.90) but we went for their broiled gyoza (4 pieces, $5.90). They are nice and light.

The yuzu ramen is really memorable and makes it to my top 5 ramen in Singapore. I will return for the yuzu ramen.

Tempura Oji
51 Kreta Ayer Rd, Singapore 089008
t: +65 9639 5676
10.30am – 2pm, 5.30pm-10pm, closed Sun

You enter the fake fridge to the restaurant/bar.

Tempura Oji attracts many young people in their early and mid-twenties. The reason? It’s a speakeasy. You have to go through a fake fridge to enter the recess. Cute.

I made a gif of their secret hideout:

Gif of their hidden entrance

Here, they serve tempura, udon, ramen, and ricebowls. The prices are quite expensive.

shio tonkotsu ramen
niku udon

The niku udon ($20) and the shio tonkotsu ramen ($17) are both standard and nice. The former is done Inaniwa-styled: udon noodles in a bowl of dashi broth and short rib shabu shabu. The later, shio tonkotsu, is done Hakata-style in a medium bodied pork bone broth with char shu. The two dishes both pass muster.

tori karaage

The tori karaage ($13) is also good. I suspect they deep-fried it twice to keep it crispy for a longer time. It is expensive but they gave a sizeable portion. Tastewise, it is aromatic with mirin.

Assorted tempura

There is a “tempura” in their restaurant name but the worst dish is the tempura moriawase ($25). The batter is thick and floury.

One thing I liked about the food here was they came very hot. The one thing I hated about the restaurant was the pricing. We spent almost $90 for two persons. That’s really expensive for ramen.

Tempura Oji Menu page 1
Tempura Oji Menu page 2

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We paid for our own meals anonymously. Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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  1. I find the Afuri Yuzu Shio Ramen broth too salty and the flavours of the soup are not that great either. I was recommended by a friend to try it out. He told me the one in Japan was really good. For me, I thought the one at Funan was slightly disappointing.

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