MOVED: Saint Pierre, Central Mall

MOVED: Saint Pierre has moved to 1 Fullerton Road, #02-02B One Fullerton, Singapore 049213.

I’m beginning to feel very spoilt as I continue to celebrate my 30th. It has been two weeks of fiesta. This will be the last.

Saint Pierre finally, heard so much about it and its cute celebrity chef.

The decor is a little cheesy with all those baroque, Renaissance paintings and the hard liquor cart is smacked right in the middle of the room, a bit of an eye-sore but the ambience is relaxed, not at all the uppity displayed by Iggy’s. The service was wonderful too and the sommelier is first-rate. For the first time, the sommelier actually found a wine (97 cote rotie, $23) to go with my main and not picked the most expensive one ($35).

Love the warm freshly-baked bread and salty butter. The true quality of a restaurant starts from its gratis bread. LOVE IT. It wasn’t too dense or too fluffy.

Love the amuse-bouche. Foie gras mousse with mushroom. Very, very tasty. This is the first amuse-bouche that is actually good! Yes, this has the WOW factor.

Appetizer: Foie Gras was huge. Except for the horrid pastry beneath it, it too had the WOW factor. Almost on par with the one at Prive. But while the taste was wonderful, and it was crispy on the outside, buttery on the inside, the middle of it was hard to cut apart.

Lydia had the lamb (picture left) and I had the pork cheek. Lydia thought the more she ate it, the more disgusting it got. But when I tasted it, I thought it didn’t have the lamb stench, so that’s that. My pork cheek was really just so-so, a little too much salt, too fat and oily and tough with a residue pork stench. The salad wasn’t fresh. But then again, I never have a main course that is ooooh and aahhhh yet.

Lydia said, “Oh my god, oh my god, taste the ice cream!”

I asked, “What flavor is it?”

“It’s Ferrero Rocher flavor.”

I gave her this look: -_-” and said, “Hazelnut.”

She said, “The cake should be nearer the ice cream.”

I gave her the look again and said, “You can move the cake.”

The chocolate cake was better than sex.

We had tea with little snacks, which were AMAZING too. The lemon sweet was so surprising. I thought it was chewy but it was jelly within. So delicious!

Saint Pierre
3 Magazine Rd
Central Mall

Rating: 4.133/5 stars

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