Gunther’s, Purvis Street

The ambience was very, very wonderful with dim lights and great furnishing. I like it that the tables are padded, I felt it under the thick white table cloth. The waiters are all very handsome in their ties and polite and attentive. And very smart at making business. When Hookerlily first sat down in a fluster, a waiter immediately zoomed in on her and asked, “Sparkling or still water?” This is a trick question. You would think that “still water” means plain from-the-tap water, but no, so Hookerlily blurringly ordered a bottle of still water which costs $10. More expensive than petrol. The correct answer is “tap water.” I should be intervened but I though Lydia knew what she was doing. She has been to posh places.

The head waiter brought a platter of LIVE and moving seafood and recommended them to us. Alaskan crab – still moving; lobster from Maine – just flew in today, etc, but e had the set lunch (38++) which includes one appetizer, a main and dessert. In addition, we ordered their specialty, Angel hair pasta with caviar ($60!!!!)

Although a plate of pasta costs $60 !!!!, we did not regret it. The taste was a little strange at first, because I had never eaten anything like it before. I mean, I’ve eaten caviar before, and I’ve eaten pasta, but the dish still tasted queer in a good way. It tasted like a blend of plastic (in a good way) and instant noodles MSG (in a good way). Very light and refreshing.

I had the soup and Lydia, the mushroom tempura. Lydia said that my soup looked like a piece of shit floating in a toilet bowl. If my shit were so delicious, I would eat it everyday. The “shit” was a sausage-like thing with foie gras. Drank on its own, the soup was light but if you eat the “shit” and drink the soup at the same time, the taste transforms to something heavier, more favorful. Lydia’s mushroom tempura, which I had a slice, was great too. It tasted different with each bite, there was a kind of subtlety waiting to be discovered. There was a runny egg yolk at the bottom which you could mix with the tempura.

We both ordered the pork ribs for main. I complained the other time at Saint Pierre that I never had a good main course. This one was exceptional. The ribs were fat but not in a revolting way, didn’t feel excessively oily. The chicken rice that accompanied it was true chicken rice, how all chicken rice should aspire to be. Each one was a discrete unit, didn’t stick to one another.

The dessert was a surprise. It was mango ice cream with mango puree which tasted like dried preserved mangoes. Rounded up the meal very well, something sour, sweet and refreshing.

The mark of a good restaurant is in its bread and its petit fours, the start and the end. The bread was warm and with the salty butter, very memorable. The petit fours were very sublimel. There were bitter chocolate (average), a wafer-thin slice of excellent lard-like thing (I always never bother to find out the name for this), madeleine and best of all, a kind of Malay-inspired cake, which was burnt to a crisp on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside.

This is quite simply the best restaurant in Singapore but I was shocked when I received the bill, thinking that the set lunch was only $40. It turned out to be $180 for two persons. I like the hot waiters but I think the management could fire some of them to keep the cost of the food low. There are too many waiters for a restaurant that sits maybe 20 people. Good food is meant to be democratic and shared among people, not exclusive to the rich.

36 Purvis St

Rating: 4.591/5 stars

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