Marutama Ramen, The Central

My sister hates me. It is true. At first, she ordered to go to Margarita at Dempsey, knowing very well that the last meal we had with Chubby Cheeks was at a Latin American restaurant. I asked her to change it to a burger place and she firmly said no. Then when Luke wanted to come along but didn’t want to go to Dempsey, she changed the place FOR HIS SAKE to a ramen restaurant, fully knowing that my first date with Chubby Cheeks was at a ramen restaurant. I also told Chubby Cheeks I would bring him here. I asked my sister to change it again, but she refused. She hates me. There are so many different kinds of cuisine and she has to pick the only two that are associated with Chubby Cheeks; and these two cuisines aren’t even that common! She just keeps ripping my healing wound open again and again. (Later, my friends and I went to a sleazy KTV and usually, I would sing happy songs and laugh but look at the list of songs I sang:

蔡旻佑 – 寂寞,好了

许美静 – 遗憾

林宥嘉 – 说谎

张栋梁 – 寂寞边界

张栋梁 – 低调

张惠妹 – 我恨我爱你

孙燕姿 – 我不难过

孙燕姿 – 我怀念的

Justin Bieber – Baby

Ting Tings – That’s not my name)

Anyway, back to Ramen. Remember my philosophy of food: NEVER QUEUE. Oops, I did it again. What to do? My sister hates me, so I had to queue.

Of course, everyone was late. After living in New York, I learned never to be late. Tardiness is a very bad Singaporean habit; it wastes the time of the on-time person. To New Yorkers, time is precious, and as they don’t want to waste their time, they won’t do it to others too.

So I queued alone and as I was queuing, I texted them. Three very bad excuses, so bad I didn’t know whose was the worst:

1. “So sorry! Overslp…”

2. “I had to meet my friend to discuss for the emcee-ing tomorrow!”

3. “Jam on ECP!”

They said they would be here in 15 minutes.

And tick tock, 15 minutes past and I got a table, I asked my friends if they are already here. And they would take another 15 minutes.

Me: Hurry! People in the queue are dagger-staring me. Should I give my seat up?

Luke: This is a test of your resilience to public scrutiny. Be a true blue Singaporean and refuse to move! Act like nothing’s wrong.

Ha. Then I gave up my table. And moved outside to wait again.

When they finally arrived, I was starving. I don’t like to eat when I’m hungry because I always over-eat. I like to eat constantly. So of course we over-ate.

Marutama is my favoritest ramen place. I always call it the Basketball Ramen because of the sign, and because I used to play basketball, and because I can’t remember names. I have to admit, this time, there was something different. The broth wasn’t as thick and flavorful BUT that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In the past, I couldn’t finish the noodles and soup, but this time, I finished everything. It was partly because I was hungry but also because the broth wasn’t as excessive, as jer lak. Maru-他妈 的 蛋 (Marutama’s eggs) are the best of all the ramen restaurants because the yolks are truly runny. Add the fried garlic to the ramen – very divine. I love garlic.

We ordered gyoza too. Nothing to boast about, but not too bad, firm enough.
6 Eu Tong Sen St
The Central
No reservations
1130am – 10pm
Rating: 4.287/5 stars

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