Million-dollar Cheng Teng, Yishun

Remember that my friend said that the popiah at her uncle’s stall in Yishun is much better than one of my favorite popiahs at Maxwell?

Actually it is very gossipy. Uncle’s stall was actually with the famous laksa stall but somehow they broke up and the good laksa stall moved to the shop next day. So Uncle brought in another laksa and popiah stall. And the Famous Laksa stall, now next door, brought in another dessert stall. So there are two shops that sell exactly the same food! This is the stuff Korean drama is made of!
I went there today – but the popiah stall is closed on Tuesdays. Nevertheless, it was still fruitful because I got to eat the million-dollar cheng teng. We called it thus because Uncle makes millions from just selling cheng teng! He’s the distributor of cheng teng in Singapore. According to my friend, Uncle has very high standards and if he tastes that the cheng teng his workers make isn’t up to standard, he would ask them to throw it away and remake it.
As you can see, $1.20 is quite worth the money, with a huge portion and much ingredients, ingredients you wouldn’t associate with cheng teng. There are atap-chee, white fungus, brown long’an (soaked in brown sugar syrup), white long’an, pink cube-jelly, etc. The ice was so much because the syrup was very sweet, so when the ice melted, it would taste just right. But I didn’t wait for the ice to melt, so the first bite was a letdown but the taste improved as I mixed the ice in.
As I was eating, I was thinking what I would do with a million dollars. Last Saturday, a 45-year-old hunk said that if he were 10 years younger, he said he would woo me until the end of the world, until I give it to him. I smiled at him regretfully, because I already don’t have it to give him. It is already with someone else. This is a roundabout way to say that if I had a million dollars, I would spend every cent to woo Chubby Cheeks because without him, I’m just an empty shell, a walking corpse, a zombie, missing a part of me that makes me live. He is worth every million dollar in the world.
Nice Snack Corner
Blk 925, Yishun Central 1,
Rating: 3.831/5 stars

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