Men-Ichi, Northpoint

Looking for something soupy to eat and settled on ramen again.

Whenever I walk past Men-Ichi during dinnertime, there is always a queue and I never queue. Lunchtime, no one, plus there was a set-lunch for $12.80. I ordered unagi ramen, unagi being my favorite.
The egg, as you can see, isn’t runny and it is only half. It is longing to be united with its other half…. IN MY STOMACH. Strange that the ramen comes with the french loaf to dip in the soup, I suppose.
When I first drank the soup, WOW the pork-based flavor burst in my mouth. Very sweet. Then I made a very bad mistake. I ate the unagi and then the soup went flat. It was very sad. I always live to regret my decisions. If the chef knows that the soup and unagi don’t go together, the restaurant shouldn’t create this meal in the first place. Besides, it is not very clever to put the unagi on top of the noodles – Who would bear to mix the unagi in the soup, ruining both the soup and the unagi??? Why can’t the chef put the unagi on another plate?
The specialty of this ramen is that the condiment is salted vegetables. Quite tasty.
And I really like crispy beansprouts in noodles. Brings out the crunch.
The gyoza were good. I mean, fried dumplings lor, what you expect a Shakespearean sonnet to describe it meh?
All in all, for a neighborhood place, the restaurant surpasses my expectations. The food is delicious. Even the pretend-to-be-japanese-in-that-act-cute-voice-like-in-jap-porn service was prompt and polite. Definitely worth visiting if you live in Yishun. But if you live in Jurong, don’t need to drive down lah.
930 Yishun Ave 2
S 769098
Tel: 6755 5719
Daily: 1130 to 2200
Rating: 3.823

Categories: $0-$20, Japanese, Yishun

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