Annie's Peanut Ice Kacang & Kazan Japanese Cuisine, Tanjong Pagar Market

So my date…he has passed the 3rd date test and deserves a nickname. Let’s call him Tony Leung.

Tony Leung has lived at Chinatown area all his life and we all know that Chinatown is one of the greatest food districts in Singapore. Since I jokingly said that he’s still on a 6-month probation, and I go by point system, he’d better score some points by bringing him to his turf.
He suggested Tanjong Pagar Market. I was like…What?
I’ve been coming to Chinatown since 16 because all the gay bars are here. (heh heh heh underage clubbing.) And I didn’t know Tanjong Pagar has a market! It’s on the 2nd floor of HDB flats.
When we were there, the place was so stuffy! I’m not very picky, I actually love the heat in Singapore but there must be ventilation. Ay, must climb up a flight of steps, already panting, still no air to breathe. Old markets are like this, I figured. SARS breeding place.
When we sat down, a thumb-sized cockroach treated our table like a park and slowly strolled across our table. I gave him this face: ._.” But actually hor, I don’t really mind lah. Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow what. Plus diarrhoea can lose weight. You know children are likely to be asthmatic if they grow in a germfree environment?
Annie’s Peanut Ice Kacang. I love how grammatically correct the stall name is. According to Tony Leung, the original peanut ice kacang came from a stall manned by an uncle, the stall is behind Annie’s stall. But it is Auntie Annie who got famous even though their kacangs taste the same (somehow that sounds gross.) What to do? Suay lor. Genius needs advertising and PR skills these days. Maybe the uncle doesn’t have but according to Tony Leung, uncle has Sarsi syrup on ice kacang.
Annie was damn friendly. But then again, I am an auntie killer because aunties like fat boys.
The kacang itself wasn’t fantastic. Not sweet, bland, no atap chee. If not for the fragrant roasted peanut bits, the kacang would have been very disappointing.
Annie’s Peanut Ice Kacang
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Market
Stall #02-36
Mon-Fri 1030am – 730pm
Sat 1030am – 630pm
Sun 1030am – 530pm
Rating: 2.712/5 stars
Kazan Japanese Cuisine has many reviews pasted on the stall. Probably won some award too. Tony Leung said that in one interview, the stall-owner claimed that he learnt his japanese cooking from japanese tourists who gave him pointers.
Tony Leung ordered Chicken something, and I ordered the curry chicken set. Aiya, very difficult to critique the food because the owner was so friendly and nice. The rice wasn’t Japanese rice, the miso soup tasted bland, the fried chicken wasn’t oily but seemed to be overfried, the curry felt like you can buy from those ready made with instructions curry at supermarkets. And the difference between the 2 sets was…well, you can spot the difference yourself.
But Tony Leung said this is hawker center leh…don’t kiam so much leh and for $5, the ample portions were worth it. This is something I discussed with my friends before. If the food is bad, just give more and people won’t complain. Singaporeans are like that…no quality, quantity also can. NOT that this stall is bad. I just think I won’t eat it again. I’m gay leh, calories count to me.
Kazan Japanese Cuisine.
Stall #02-18
1130am – 8 pm daily.
Rest on Saturday.
Rating: 2.5812/5 stars.

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