Tian Jin Fong Kee, Chinatown

Still stuffed from the late afternoon lunch at Tanjong Pager Market, Tony Leung and I were exploring the food stalls just at the exit of Chinatown MRT. The food stalls are so interesting and one day I will eat them all. Chinatown has truly become China, with all the food from China, and the sellers from China. And almost everyone in the queues was China, proving how authentic these stalls are. So exciting.
But we dove into a small eatery instead. Because, I suspect, Tony Leung thought that I’m very pampered, cannot stand hot places. I don’t know why people have this impression of me, that I’m very finicky. Actually, I’m the least complainy person I know. I can endure great discomfort. Since Tony Leung thought that I am fussy, he forewarned me that “The China waitresses are getting ruder and ruder.” Actually, I think the servers were ok. I mean, they were not the smiley, welcome, goodbye kind of service but what do you expect? It’s not a very expensive place, and the China people aren’t exactly known for their courtesy. I think so long as they don’t irritated me, then it’s fine with me. See! How accommodating I am.
Before I show you the food, I must show you the water chestnut drink. The waitress said, “Why don’t you order the water chestnut drink? We BREW it ourselves.” Pei! (Spitting sound made by Chinese.) Brew your head lah. If adding water to syrup is brewing, then this drink is brewed.
Wow, seeing Tony Leung’s arm in the photo. He looked so fair and thin. Actually, his arms are quite muscular. I have a photo of him in sleeveless. Quite decent arms.
Because we were still full, and because Tony Leung is manorexic (as most gay men are), we only ordered zha jiang mian (minced meat noodles) and steamed dumplings. The servings were quite reasonable. The noodles could be eaten by one starving man alone. And $6 for 12 dumplings is ok. $6 for 15 dumplings would be better. They tasted ok. Not out of the world. I think the zha jiang mian could have more sauce, was a little dry, and so it turned out just a little starchy with the taste of wheat. The dumplings were cooked just right, the skin was neither over- or undercooked. Overcooking would cause the skin to break; undercooking would make the dumpling tough. But again, nothing special.
But I love visiting these unknown, and rather seedy places. Very thrilling.
Total: $12.60
Tian Jin Fong Kee
People’s Park Complex
1 Park Road #01-100
Tel: 6532 3319
Daily: noon to 9pm
Rating: 3/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Chinatown, Chinese

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