Royal China, Raffles Hotel

Dad’s 60th and my High Class Brother said to eat dim sum at Raffles Hotel worh. Cannot eat at kou fu meh? Must go Raffles Hotel. I lower income beng you know. But heng ker lao sai lah, when I saw the menu, the dim sum isn’t very expensive. About $4 for a dish, the same price as one of the crappiest dim sum place in Singapore, Dim Joy.

And we got a room to ourselves leh. So high class! Actually hor, I would prefer sitting outside in the hall with everyone because my brother said he was there last week and saw James Lye and Diana Ser leh. The Tiffany-blue pillars, gold proscenium, the super-white tables, chairs and window frames really exude a sense of class and sophistication. Very atas leh, I like because I can be low-income high-class beng. Don’t stereotype ok!
The family had started without me coz they drive cars mah and I drive lorry, very slow. There were some dishes that weren’t photographed, including the XO carrot cake. Sedap lah! Must order. Very tasty. Won’t get drunk somemore.
This is the something-kuai – zi – shou. I think in mandarin it means executioner, the person who pulls the trigger of the guillotine. Don’t know the meaning of guillotine? wah lah eh, even I ah beng also know, you go check the dictionary lah. It is actually the same dish as what I ate at Crystal Jade before, Spicy dumplings. But I like this one better, because the chilli oil wasn’t so choking and it wasn’t so oily. The dumplings were firm but soft.
Another thing I would recommend here is the char siew su (pictured above). My got tak chak, got study bro said something very chim to describe it lah, I wish I took what he eloquently said down. I can only say that it is the best char siew su I have eaten in my life, better than the famous Chinatown one, better than the hong kong ones. The pastry was not brittled but still it was soft. The char siew was also tender. And the combination of the tasty pastry with char siew is sweet with egg, and char siew sauce. This is how char siew su is suppose to taste: sweet, and not the charred taste of the Chinatown one.
One thing I would NOT recommend is this Sharks Fin Dumpling soup. According to unreliable sources, this costs $48 a bowl. It is just one big Xiao Long Bao with sharks fin and 3 scallops within. And the Xiao Long Bao is not steamed but cooked together with the broth, so when I got it, the Xiao Long Bao had already disintegrated and I can’t differentiate the Xiao Long Bao soup and the chicken broth. This dish is poorly conceptualized, poorly executed and altogether too expensive.
Another thing I would NOT recommend is the peking duck. This is indubitably the worst Peking Duck I have in my life. The skin wasn’t a complete whole but more crumb-like. And the meat was so desert-dry.
The third thing I won’t recommend is this Chef’s recommendation, abalone dumpling. I thought it would be steamed but it turned out to be deep-fried and all those noodle-thing – what was it for?! It just prevents my teeth from sinking into the abalone. Fail. Luckily it’s only about $5-6.

The Har gao (prawn dumpling) and the stir-fried veg were well done. The Har Gao skin was thin and didn’t break easily, as all good har gao should be, and the ingredients within were fresh. Well done but not astounding.

I also ordered a seafood congee because I poor and it could fill me up so that I won’t eat so much. Not much food= don’t need to burn a hole in the pocket. So the congee consisted of a slice of fish fillet, a prawn, and a scallop. Ok lah, for the price of the congee, about $6 I think, I won’t pick on the generosity of the ingredients. But the congee was very good. I thought it was so sweet of the broth. Even without soy sauce, it tasted good on its own.
Overall, the food is some hits, some misses. I didn’t like the way the waitress rushed us into giving up our table for the next patrons at 1.30pm. We agreed that we would have the room till then, but she could have said to us in a polite manner, instead of hurriedly clearing our dishes, and telling us in an overly-familiar tone.
The dress code is supposed to be shirt and pants, no berms and slippers. But hor, I saw an uncle wearing berms leh.
Oh yeah, the meal was supposed to be split between my bro, sis and me but since only my mom has the OUB card (the restaurant requires a specific OUB card, other OUB cards don’t work, not all OUB cards are created equal), since my mom has the OUB card for 15% discount, she paid for the meal. Heng ah, SAVE MONEY.
Royal China
1 Beach Road #03-09
Raffles Hotel
T: 6338 3363
Dim sum is available for lunch only:
Mon-Sat – 12-2pm
Sun – 11am – 2pm
Rating: 4.0012/5 stars

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