Jean-Philippe Darcis, Marine Bay Sands

The shop is famous for its macaroons and chocolate – but too bad I ah beng like big colorful flashy things – and the cupcakes caught my eye. I ordered pistachio cupcake, got pearls on it one lor. I ah beng but gay, so like pearls lor. I bought and ate as I was walking, shopping, because I was waiting for my date to knock off.
I followed my Big Bro to New York to do some mafia business before, so I ate the famous Sex-and-the-city Magnolia Bakery cupcakes before. Compared to the Magnolia cupcakes, Darcis’s cupcake was much less sweet, which is very good. I always thought cupcakes are too sweet in general, making it very jelak. So Darcis’s had a good balance of cream and sweetness. Since cupcakes are muffins with wigs, the muffin part of the pistachio cupcake is chocolate based. I thought its texture was in between the heavy, dense German bread and the light, fluffy Japanese cake. Again, another balance. But the cupcake didn’t taste freshly baked. It could have been awesome. Wasted.
Jean-Philippe Darcis
Marine Bay Sands, #01-38
Website (Can buy online!)
Rating: 3.3200/5 (on taste alone, didn’t get to experience the service and cafe).

Categories: $0-$20, Dessert, Marina Bay

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