Boston Wine Company, Boon Tat Street

I read a few reviews on HGW about people buying coupons online and using them in restaurants and I thought, since I eat out so often, it’s only logical that I save some money by buying the coupons! My sister calls me a cheapskate.

When 14K and I entered the restaurant, I was very impressed.
Look at the decor, dude. It’s very classy. The chairs are padded (classy), the table cloth are moose-pattern (like abercrombie and Fitch trademark, bespeaking of old-family tradition), and the overall color theme is a dark-brown and gold, exuding an European feel. I’ve seen the actual Klimt painting (on the right side).
And the service was great. The waitress immediately filled our glasses without us asking. Was attentive and very polite.
One reason why she was so attentive may be because there were only two tables (ours and a family). The place could be very quiet and romantic if the lights were dimmer; a very good date place. But those who bought the coupons…better go there fast, the place may close down soon for the lack of patrons.
The waitress served us some crackers, which had a sambal chili with lime dip:
Let me say this first. I am not cheapskate ok? but I find it such a waste of money to buy those peanuts in Chinese restaurants. They usually cost $1 to $2, and with that amount, I could buy an entire packet of peanuts in supermarkets, so I always reject the peanuts. With GST, the peanut at restaurants can cost $2.40, that’s someone’s lunch ok. So I had to ask the waitress if this cracker was for free. 14K said I’m cheapskate. But yes, the cracker is free. Quite innovative to dip the cracker in chili sauce.
With the coupon, we could order any four peranakan dishes from soup, veg, meat so we ordered:
Beanpaste sauced curry chicken
Beef Rendang
Sambal Sotong
Chye Cai
I have to say all of them tasted good. I was expecting them to be bad. The chicken and beef were especially tender, ah mah also can get without her fake teeth. The chicken was too oily; the sotong wasn’t spicy enough and the chye cai didn’t look fresh. I guess these dishes are already cooked and the chef only heated them up. The portions were miserable. The coupon promised that it is enough to feed 3-4 people, but it was so little. 3 pieces of chicken, 3 pieces of beef, and even in the chye cai, there were only 3 pieces of prawns. Luckily, 14K is anorexic. This is perhaps the only time I feel thankful I’m dating an ana. Most of the other times, I’m worried about his health.
The rice is an additional cost of $1 per plate. We ordered 2 to share. So all in all, the coupon ($18) and the rice ($2.20), we paid only $20.20 for 3 people.
Overall, I think the tiny restaurant is tastefully decorated. Very good for dates. The one waitress is sufficient because there aren’t many people. But I don’t know the focus of the restaurant: does it serve wine? (we weren’t given any drinks menu.) On the food menu, there are other things such as pasta and pizza. This restaurant needs to make up its mind whether it wants to be a chillout place, or a food place. If a food place, then what kind of food? Focus, man, focus.
Boston Wine Company
5 Boon Tat St
tel: 6219 9219
10.30am-11pm daily
Rating: 3.082/5 stars

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