Chicken Up, Tanjong Pagar

14K is evil lor. He hadn’t had dinner yet and it was 1am, and I’d been eating the entire day. So he bought me to “Chicken Up,” a Korean restaurant. According to him, korean-style fried chicken is made popular after a Korean drama featuring a woman cooking fried chicken.

The decor is so tacky I love it. It’s a totally different aesthetics. Red all over, chairs and walls and table and lighting. you can imagine it playing Korean techno…. but it didn’t. 14K said that red is used as a color to portray cheapness: KFC, McDonalds, Mos Burger, Wendy’s, etc all use red. I thought it is also because red is an attractive color. Not exactly a good date place, but it’s interesting and fun.
Complimentary salad! I’m a cheapskate and I love free food! And it’s actually not bad. The leaves were crispy, and still slightly wet from being soaked. No browning along the edges (Lawry’s salad has brown edges lor.) Thousand island sauce was little, but the veg were fresh enough not to need much dressing, so this salad was actually healthy.
The Fried potato ($20), consisting of hashed brown, wedges and fries, is evil. Carbs + Carbs soaking up oil. And too addictive. Forgot to take a picture of the half spicy chicken ($18), consisting of a drumstick, a thigh, a wing, and a chicken breast. Very juicy but not oily. Unlike KFC chicken, eating this didn’t give me a feeling of heartburn. The above photo is a demonstration of how a kid uses all his ten fingers and palms to tear the chicken apart. Adults, please use 2 thumbs and 2 index fingers.
The Korean staff wasn’t very attentive, they were busy chatting with one another. But that might be because it was so late. I wish they refilled our water. But they were nice and polite enough.
Overall, quite a fun place to visit if you’re in a playful mood and up for fried food. But I wonder if $42 for two is too much to pay for KFC kind of food.
Chicken Up
48 Tanjong Pagar Rd #01-01
Singapore 088469
T: 6327 1203
Email: mantoman2354@naver.com
Mon-Fri: 11am-3pm, 5pm-2am
Sat-Sun: 5pm-2am
Rating: 3.438/5stars

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