Medley Amaii, Robertson Quay

What’s the name of the shop between Merry Men and Bar Bar Black Sheep? Quick, cannot think!
Dunno right? I went there and I also cannot remember the name. The name is Medley Amaii, very badly name leh. It sounds like ai mai and in Hokkien, it means “want or not.” In a proper sentence, “Ay, you don’t ai mai leh…” meaning: don’t be so indecisive.
Badly named so poor business? I think the concept of the cafe isn’t well thought out. It serves ice cream, waffles and drinks. Such a strange (and not in a good way) combination!
Bad ice cream. Lousy waffles. Bad service. The server was so attentive to the angmoh and when it came to my turn, I said, “Hiiiii!”
She said, “Hiiiii!”
I said, “Can I try….” and she turned around and walked away. Just because I’m nice and friendly doesn’t give her the prerogative to be rude. And we ordered one ice cream and a waffle with ice cream and a white wine and the server kept pressing us, “Is that all?” I don’t see her pressing the white folks! Leave the Singaporeans alone!
Medley Amaii
86 Robertson Quay
T: 6838 0792
Rating: 2.00/5 stars

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  1. >*edit* The content of the deleted comment is republished in this one. What I shall add is that there was a comment filter on this blog that prevented the immediate publishing of what I have written. I could not believe it and I experimented with submitting the same comment more than five times. Nothing showed up. But now the writer has now changed the policy of his blog after denying the existence of a filter.I shall now reiterate. His blog is but an avenue for his egotism. You can find that evident in his mocking of the Medley's name. Is that all there is to his critique? As for Medley Amaii, I would advise the cafe to contact The Wise Guy and offer him free food. He will reply in 3 seconds–he promises that in his blog! And perhaps that is the key to getting a good review from him. Otherwise nothing is going to stop his sense of inferiority towards Caucasians from flaming the cafe. Also, read The Wise Guy's blog. His writing is determined by his volatile emotional state. His writing reeks of egotism and we know that the empty cans rattle the loudest. Where is the professionalism, food blogger?Have a good day.


  2. >Oooh, Isaac! I saw your comment about "This post has been removed by the author." You know what? Blogspot has a problem with its server a few days ago, and comments are deleted. Go ask blogspot. My blog has ALWAYS been open for comments – which is why I am surprised you said I filter my comments.And Isaac, don't we all appraise a place based on how we feel about it? Lousy food, lousy service – what else do you want me to say? It's cheap but it's nto good.


  3. >Isaac, I just went to the SPAM folder and got out the very long comment you typed. Thanks for taking the effort. I swear to you that (1) my blog has always been unfiltered and comments don't need approval and (2) I just retrieved the long comment from the SPAM. If it's not true, my dick size will shrink. And you follow my blog, so you know how important sex is to me! and #2, as Mariah Carey sings, why you so obsessed with me? You want a date is it? ;)


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