Flor Patisserie, Tanjong Pagar

I know this sounds boastful, but I discovered this cake shop–it’s true–way before any third-rate food critic knows of this place. You know why? Because I’m gay and Tanjong Pagar area is gay turf. When it just opened, I spotted it, went in. Although the shop closes at 7pm, the cakes were already sold out by 5pm. Moral of the story: be kiasu, go early. This is the third time I went and FINALLY I got to eat some cakes.

We ordered:
Napolean ($6.50)
Berry Berries ($5+)
Classic Chocolate ($6.20)
The classic chocolate was ok. The cream was light and fluffy–very excellent–but the chocolate cake itself was dense, which brought down the ethereal nature of Japanese cakes. Still tasted delightful. 4/5
But when I bit into Berry Berries, I jizzed in my pants. Cakes never make me orgasm, this is the first time. *Shy* It reminded of the the Japanese strawberry shortcake that Sun Moulin used to do (years ago, Sun Moulin was very, very good). A cake that brings back past memories—how supreme is this cake, man! The cake was so light, and well-balanced, there is no other way to describe this cake except by using a metaphor. It’s like a dragonfly dipping, rippling the pond.
So the Napolean paled in comparison. If you deconstruct their cakes with strawberries–there are berry berries, strawberry shortcake and napolean–you know that the basic layout is the same: yellow sweet cake, layers of cream and berries. But Napolean lost out because the slightly-burnt strudel crust destroys the exquisite and delicate balance of the lightness.
The Japanese lady-boss gave us a sample of the new cake they are launching: lemon cheesecake. 14K the baker thought the top was ok–I thought it was ordinary–but the crust tasted heavy, like ghee. Which is the exact feedback we gave the boss.
According to 14K, the baker is dedicated and takes much pride in his work! And his dedication shows up in the cakes. Good job!
He used to work for a cake shop at Icon, so the cakes are similar but the one at Icon isn’t as delicious. Why? Because this cake shop uses fresh cream, and not the cream-cheese used in other cake shops. (See entry on One Caramel cake shop). So it’s freshly baked daily, because you cannot keep fresh cream cakes for long.
The service is excellent. I really love the hospitality and friendliness of the Japanese lady-boss. And unlike other cake shops which focus on profit, I really admire their zeal and persistence in serving excellent cakes to the people.
However, although their cakes are all very good, I wonder if a bakery that has one mindblowing cake can survive. Let time tell. I will buy all my friends’ birthday cakes from here. FYI.
Flor Patisserie
2 Duxton Hill
Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm
Sun: 11am-5pm
Rating: 4.889/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Dessert, Tanjong Pagar

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