Lush Restaurant, Beach Road

Bought coupons online. $39.90 per pax for a $90-set course, including tomato soup, foie gras, steak and toffee apple.
The tomato soup was overly sweet–I thought it was supposed to be slightly sourish–I couldn’t finish 1/4 of a bowl. The bread was inedibly bad.
The foie gras redeemed the bad start only because it was better than Les Amis’s mashed foie gras. The Chinese bitter vegetable went very well with the sweetness of the meat. But the dish was too oily.
Steak was kopitiam standard, and it didn’t taste very fresh, so I was a little afraid as I was eating it medium-rare, which is how steaks should be cooked.
Toffee apple was ample.
The decor gives me an impression of trying too hard. And I think this is the overall impression I have of this restaurant. The food was horrible but the people were so earnest and nice and hardworking. The servers were polite and considerate and our glasses of water were never empty. These are decent people trying to make a living; they are trying very hard. I wish they set the restaurant at a lower tier of dining, say like Jack’s Place. But because the restaurant aims to be classy, setting a high price range, it fails to meet the standards. It is hard being a food critic. This pains me very much. You like the people, they have good intentions, but you’ve to be brutal.
359 Beach Rd
T: 6396 0524
Rating: 2.442/5 stars

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