Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice, Balestier

Looking for a lunch place when I saw this “BEST” chicken rice. Woah, so shameless to call itself “Best” so I must try it.
Ordered the roasted chicken set. So bad. The chicken was excessively oily, like I was eating a car’s engine. Very little meat. Everything was cold, including the rice. I could only taste the salt, covering over the taste of meat completely. The condiments were bland too.
And I witnessed a very disturbing incident. A construction worker came in to eat but the waitress made him pay before he ate. This is social discrimination, man.
I returned the wet napkin (because it costs 20-40 cents! save money ok? I got my sleeves!) but at this place, it is apparently free. I want to know the transparency of the pricing because the receipt only puts $7.50, not showing me the breakdown of the food. (I had a barley drink too.)
I think I’ll start a petition for the restaurant to change the name. It’s false advertising.
Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice
342 Balestier Rd
T: 6252 2318
Rating: 2.215/5 stars

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  1. It’s hopeless. Used to have franchises all over in 90s. None left cos standard so lousy that franchisees all lose money.
    The one you ate is their premium outlet. The budget outlet is 100m away, at Whampoa food centre. Just as bad


  2. u shuld eat the one at the whampoa “Morning” market… but their branches… but anyway i feel tt mayb they jus work too long… earn enough … so standard drops… but market one still ok de la


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