Pizza Memoirs, Mohamed Sultan

This was the day after I broke up with 14K. I went to Coffee Bar K alone, and the waiter asked, “Where is your good friend?” WAHHHHHHH. Then the waiter gave me a bag of croissants for breakfast. So nice of him. I really love Coffee Bar K. Hookerlily is really ho peng you, good friend. She left her night business, walking along lorongs, and accompanied me. I swear at one point of time, she almost cried too. Dunno if who’s breaking up here. Sadness overflowth the river. Only tears accompany me to sleep at night. (Editor’s Note: Ah Bengs are very emo creatures.)

Hookerlily suggested going to the Foundary, which is diagonally across from Robertson Walk. At the end of the night, as we were going home, I told her, “Actually, this is one of the places that 14K wanted to bring me. WAHHHHHHH.”

I was surprised that 14K wanted to bring me here because the place was erm… so down-to-earth. It’s a gap in a row of shophouses, decorated romantically with Christmas lights. But still, it’s not the air-con posh place 14K likes.

Hookerlily said, Foundary is a very bad place to get over 14K because almost everyone here looks like him! WAHHHHHH. Here, the young boss looks like 14K, except 14K will never wear iridescent pants?

Apart from the al fresco, concrete decor, I love the place because it is not at all pretentious. The food is cheap and tasty. There are four stalls in this area called “The Foundary” and you could order from any of these stalls. Just walk up to them and tell them your table number. I ordered a salmon pizza ($12 or so):

It was very thoughtful that every slice of pizza had a piece of salmon on it. The pizza was sweet because caramelized onions were used to counter the fishiness of the salmon. Tasted unique, with the saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the onion. It’s mountains (cheese from cows!) meet oceans (salmon) meet earth (onion). Piping hot! As all food should be. Freshly made. But  it’s a little greasy.

When I was ordering the pizza, the server was busy. Instead of asking me to wait, he threw down everything at hand and attended to me directly. This is good service!

Good service, reasonably priced tasty food, relaxed atmosphere. As Terminator says, “I’ll be back.”

Pizza Memoirs
18 mohamed Sultan Rd
T:6733 3102

Rating: 3.148/5 stars


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