Koon Kee Restaurant and Pub, Yio Chu Kang

 (Photo credit: Taken by Combat Wombat on HGW.)

14K brought me here on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 3pm. There was no one around and it was dark and warm and the place was so retro it brought me back to the retro 80s. Very nostalgic. The paraphernalia you see are on sale too.

Actually the antiques aren’t the best thing on view. The boss is HOT. Salt and pepper hair. Very man. I cannot decide whether he is hotter or the boss at Blic Ice Cream. In any case, I think 14K only brings me to places with hot men, because he has good taste in men. (kekeke, back-handed self-compliment.)

Although ishootieatipost talks about the Chinese food here, the menu shows a deep Thai influence. Although thai influence, don’t expect pad thai. They don’t have it. We ordered take-away. Tom Yum Seafood ($16), Thai stir-fried beef ($12), thai crab-cakes ($8).

As 14K and I were driving, we ate the crab-cakes. O. M. G. the flavors just burst in the mouth. It was so aromatic, sweet with a springy texture. Not oily at all. I said, “Aiya, I should have bought another packet for my sister.”

So when 14K dropped off, and I was on my way back home, he texted me saying, “I left the crab-cakes for your sister.” So diabetes-sweet lor.

At home, my sister and I attacked the thai food. O. M. G. Everything was delicious! The tom yum was spicy and sour enough, very exciting. The stir-fried beef was very tasty and the thick soy-sauce on it went very well with rice.

The food was fantastic! But we thought the portions were too little and the food was too expensive for thai food. Still, I want to go back there to eat one day.

Koon Kee
66 Yio Chu Kang Rd
T: 6288 1206

Rating: 3.869/5 stars 


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