Sweet Charity: Desserts for a Cause: 29 Sep-31 Oct

13 AWESOME restaurants’ powers combined to raise funds for the NUH Kids’ Heart Fund, to provide financial support to children with congenital heart disease. $5 from each designated signature dessert from the participating restaurants will go directly into the Heart Fund. And if you make any reservations on Chope or buy through Chope Sweet Charity, Chope will donate $1 for each reservation or order.

When I was there for the dessert tasting–calories overload!–I saw some of the recovered patients, children about 10-14 years old, and they were writing a report of the event too. Very heartwarming. They are proof you must eat dessert.

The participating restaurants and the specific desserts are:

1. Cocotte (2 Dickson Rd T: 62981188) – Traditional Basque Cake (pictured below)
See my review on Cocotte.

2. Most Innovative/Mindblowing: The Dining Room at Tanjong Beach Club (120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa T: 6270 1355) – Honey & Tea Parfait and, for brunch only, Hot Cinnamon sugar donuts with nutella fondue
See my review on Dining Room. I got to talk to the dessert chef, Ling, and praised her very highly for excellent dessert when I dined there! I told her it is as brilliant as Tiffany diamonds that she puts black pepper in her dessert!!! She corrected me and said it’s an Indian spice, but very similar to black pepper.

3. Most Perky+Most Popular Chef: The Disgruntled Chef (26B Dempsey Rd, 6476 5305) – Sticky Toffee Pudding with vanilla ice cream.
I perked up after eating the cake! WOW, I need to go to the restaurant now. And the chef was constantly surrounded by people.

4. Most SociableEpicurious (Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay, 6734-7720) – Red Velvet Chocolate Cake.
The owners were very friendly!–I wonder why the HGW reviews say bad service–but the cake melted in my hands, not in my mouth.

5. Gattopardo (Hotel Fort Canning, 11 Canning Walk, 633805498) – Strawberry Romanoff
This one got no sample.

6. Most AlcoholicLoof (331 North Bridge Road, Odeon Towers Roof, 6338-8035) – Gummiberry (with gin)
The cream on top is caramelized, very awesome, but this is more like a drink and my attempt to use a teaspoon to eat genteelly backfired and the entire thing split. Last glass of sample some more. Hey, no crying over split gin! (I’ve been to Loof and should go a bar review on it soon.)

7. Cutest ChefOvereasy (1 Fullerton Rd, One Fullerton, 6423-0701) – Donut Balls with warm chocolate fondue.
Man, my +1 can’t stop taking photos of the chef serving balls!!

8. PS Cafe at Harding (28B Harding Rd 9070-8782) – Chocolate Chip Carrot Cake;
9. PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill (45 Ann Siang Rd, 9797 0648) – Toffee Nutty Carrot Cake;
10. PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance (9834-8232) – Orangey Carrot Cake and
11. at Paragon (9297-7008) – Blueberry Carrot Cake.
WOAH, PS Cafe has been earning my money. I’ve been to all the branches. See my reviews on Ann Siang and Paragon. Saw the owner too. At first, I was wondering why he looks so familiar…then he walked into the kitchen. He’s hot! Salt-and-pepper hair. I should have gone up to chat him up! I demand that he dates me out to return me the money I spent there. 

12. Torte (96 Waterloo St #01-07, 6571-0197) – Banana Chocolate Torte Muffins (box of 8).
Jasper Aston Lim said he had the best meal at Torte and I’ve been dying to go there! Spoke with the Chef Jason. Woah, from the website, I thought he’s some ah-beng like lim-pei, but hor, he speaks with American accent one leh. Said he lived in New York for 14 years. The muffin is a 2-in-1 creation from two of the most popular desserts in his shop; the torte is within it. Fabulous torte, bitter-not-so-sweet, very chocolatey, just like life and love but I couldn’t quite appreciate the muffin. Read Jasper Aston Lim’s review and my ho peng you, The Endangered Sartorialist’s review.

13. Most Pretty Chef+Most Show-woman-ship: White Rabbit (39C Harding Rd, 6473-9965) – Crepes Suzette flambeed tableside with grand marnier.
Wah piang, a lot of chim words leh. I only know the chef will come to your table and cook in front of you. First, the chef will fork half an orange (including the skin) and go round and round the pan until the juice oozes out. And then lemon. And add crepe into the sauce. I thought it tasted so AWESOME, so appetizing. But I suspect if I eat an entire plate, I will feel very jerlat. Overall, I still think the Dining Room dessert has a more layered taste that you will NEVER get sick of. You’ll just want more. But this one is pretty fantastical too.

PS: I made a few new friends and you may want to look at Eugene’s Tumblr on the event, Conspicuous Consumption.


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