CLOSED: Wok & Barrel, Duxton Hill

When I told my friend that “Wok & Barrel” originated from the nearby Maxwell Market, he said, “Wahhhh, hawker also can open restaurant.” I’ve heard some good reviews from Hookerlily when her “clients” brought her there. I know of the place for almost three months, since I ate at The Jackson Plan but I’m swarmed with work so I asked the two sexually-confused men, Mao Mao the 40 year-old virgin PRC and 14K the I’m-gay-only-when-i’m-drunk-but-i’ve-a-girlfriend ah Beng, to investigate the Singaporean fusion food.

Wei, everly baldy, wo shi Mao Mao. And lim-pei is 14K. The fako gay beng, Wise Guy, say this one sibei cheap, bluff people one. We spends $85 for two peoples! I lather spends my money on alcohol. Seriously, those peeps on HGW are cheapskates like Wise Guy leh. How come they spents so few one??? Pity Mao Mao me, must gives up my one week salary to eatzi Singapore food which is cheapzi at hawkerz. :(

Mao Mao op for the Lamb char siew with Fries ($29). 我的天呀 (OMG)! $29 xin dollars is 150 yuan, can buyz one lamb in Mao Mao’s hometown, and this one so little?? The menu say lamb is organic…but Mao Mao hometown, fed the lamb eatzi shitzi itz organic. Why orgasmic so expensive? And Itz iz two zalty. two two zalty. This one iz goot if it was a sandwich, between two buns.

Lim-pei picked the specialty of the shop, mee pok pasta ($19.90). Wah piangz eh, $20 can buy me 10 bowls at hawker. The picture below is taken from the Straight Times Review: 

But this iz da REALITY:

Moralz of the story? Reality sucks and so should you! kekeke. Inside got hidden treashure worx, got a stewed beef rendang. But it iz too oily, not goot for an anorexic like me. I must go dig my throat after the meal. I’d lather spents my kalories on alcohol. I dun wan to end up looking like that fat piece of lard, Wise Guy. The whole dish just tasted very heavily of hair-bee-hiam (prawn paste), and it was sibei spicy. I think Wise Guy cannot tahan one. No hor, I thought abot him but I no kao gay ok? I got girlfriend one.

Again, I saw the photo on Straights Times of the Puloh Hitam Cake with Gula Melaka Butterscotch and Coconut Ice Cream ($7.90). It is actually a Sticky Date Pudding with black rice (pulot hitam) inside. From the photo, it looks like Spruce’s one but REALITY SUCKS: 

The restaurant shall pay more attenttion to the presentation. So ugly. Appearances are bery impt to me. I need face one ok? Anywayz, the restaurant got no more coconut ice cream so they sub it with red bean ice cream but Mao Mao ordered another dessert with red brean ice cream alreadi and red bean also no go with black rice. They should replace with vanilla ice cream mah. 

Mao Mao never eatzi panna cotta before so Mao Mao oldered Shendol Delight: Coconut Panna Cotta with Gula Melaka with Red Bean Ice Cream ($7.90).  Mao Mao Engrish no goot, dunno how to describe what pana colda tastes like but average.

Got so many gays in the shop, proving it is good because gays dun waste kalories but I nair look at them! I’m straight! I got girlfriend. 

Mao Mao thinkzi the ambience iz not bad, beri industrail chic, but quite pretendious. Andzi although the shopzi so small, the serverzi not very attentive, veri hard too get their attention. 

Overall, Mao Mao and 14K thinkzi the foot iz goot but not fann-wong-tastic. Hawkerzi got better food and it is two expensive and more heart should go into the display. Mao Mao’d payzi $11.90 for the mee pok not $19.90. Reservation needed coz veri crowded. We won’t be back soon.

Wok & Barrel
13 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089597
T: 6220 0595
M-F: 1130am-10pm
S: 9am-10pm
Sun: 9am-4pm

Rating: 2.774/5 mee pok


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