Amici Italian Restaurant, Holland Village

Rather surprised to find it packed on a weekday afternoon. “Sorry, sir,” the manager said, “the set menu for the discount voucher isn’t ready yet. Can you just order and come back another time to use the voucher?”

I said politely, “We came here to use the voucher and when I called to make reservation, nothing was mentioned.” The manager excused herself and went to make some enquiries.

She returned. “Sir, can you pick $45 worth of food from the menu? We can use your voucher for it.”

“It will be unfair for me to pick $45 worth because the voucher promises a 4-course set meal. You know that a la carte food is more expensive.”

She was very polite and excused herself again. Then she came back and said that the kitchen could whip up a 4-course meal but WITHOUT any choices: cream of mushroom; a salad; chicken or fish; and a fixed dessert. Fine, better than nothing right? Don’t wanna make a wasted trip.

This is the cream of mushroom:

Wow, what an astoundingly remiss service this was turning out to be. I asked for the manager and said, “I’m not color blind, this is not cream of mushroom.”

She smiled apologetically, “Sorry, we ran out. This is vegetable soup.” Why didn’t she inform us before serving us the soup?? We put up with the bad management of not coming out with a menu; we put up with a set menu without choices, and now they changed the food without informing us first. What if we were allergic to certain vegetables in the soup? And what did we do? We put up with it simply because there was nothing we could do. The manager was so polite, smiling, how could we flare up? How do you judge a service that is nice but negligent? That our glasses were filled only once at the end of the meal?

Parma Ham Salad

Pan-fried Salmon


Some Cake

The food was fairly executed but none left a very deep impression. The worst dish: bland chicken. The whatever cake wasn’t worth the calories. The best dish: salad. haha, i’m not meaning this sarcastically but good salad is the right balance of different types of vegetables with the dressing – and the salad was better than most restaurants.

Summary: (1) average food; (2) very bad management by the restaurant owners – how come the menu wasn’t out yet?? And no pasta option for the meal? This is an Italian restaurant, man. (3) polite but negligent service that you can do nothing about. It’s a catch-22 situation: you feel bad if you get angry because the servers are polite but if you don’t, you feel like a pushover. I don’t ever want to be put in such a situation again: a good guy playing a bad guy role or is it the other way?

Amici Italian Restaurant
275 Holland Ave
Holland Village
Singapore 278993
T: 6469 9989

Rating:  2.791/ 5 spaghetti strands

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