Sui Japanese Dining, Tanjong Pagar Or Sakana Japanese Cuisine

Went to Sui Japanese Dining some time back because of a discount coupon. But recently Sui has changed its name to Sakana Japanese Cuisine. Same chefs, same menu, same servers, same location, but a change in management.

Egg (tamago) with sponge cake as appetizers

Sashimi for two

Double-boiled fish consumme

Grilled Jumbo Prawn

Seasonal Fish ($50)

Took the bones to fry


seared sushi

Orange ice

Because of the discount coupons, the portions were quite miserable and we two grown men felt dissatisfied with the quantity. However, the taste was quite excellent. We especially like the fish soup and the juicy grilled prawn.

Because we were still hungry, under the urging of the experienced waitress, we ordered a seasonal fish. (I took down the name but my iphone erased it after updating the OS!) That tiny fish costs $50. Too expensive for something that tasted like sardines and looks like sardines.

Service: I felt that the experienced waitress was over-friendly, intruding on our privacy. She has good intentions but we felt uncomfortable. How to tell nice people off? It’s difficult.

Overall, good but expensive food for a restaurant that decorates like a mid-range eatery. I’ll be back only if I can at least a 30% discount.

Sakana Japanese Cuisine

81 Neil Road
t: 6423 0630

Rating: 3.186/ 5 sardines.


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