Gobi Cakes, Joo Chiat

Happy Chinese New Year! RERG wants to start the new year with the BEST SOUFFLE in Singapore. Very pantang (superstitious).

After eating at Mellvin Seafood Restaurant 龙记海鲜螃蟹王, Hookerlily and Wise Guy wanted something sweet.

Wise Guy: Let’s go back to Pavé Chocolates. You know that time I gave them an unfavorable review, they got all their friends to attack me.

Mao Mao: wei shen me (why??) they no take constructive criticizm de?

Wise Guy: Perhaps we didn’t order the right dessert. This time, I want to go up to the boss and say, give me your best desserts.

The Ex: I am not good at confrontation.

Wise Guy [roll eyes/thinks]: As if I don’t know that.

Wise Guy: It’s not confrontation; I genuinely want to give them a second chance. Maybe I really did misjudge them.

Hookerlily: Seriously? We went the first time and it sucked, why do you want to waste your money the second time? I refuse to throw my money away.

Wise Guy: Ok, fine! Let’s go Gobi.

Mao Mao: Hao de (ok). Mao Mao only wanna lim kopi (drink coffee).

Gobi is such a funny name for a dessert shop: Gobi desert VS Gobi dessert – get it??

The decor is minimalist: all white with a chandelier. They outline the kitchen window so that it looks 3D (see photo above). Very cute.

The waiter was very cute too. But the service was so-so. Probably because they don’t provide free water. Joanne Peh, don’t come here.

Mao Mao needed to go back to the construction site to sleep before they shut the door for curfew. The ex ordered a plain cup of coffee. Hookerlily and Wise Guy shared Soufflé with Crème Anglaise with a hint of Malibu ($12).

You have to wait 10 minutes for it but it was worth it. OMG, both Wise Guy and Hookerlily agreed it was the BEST SOUFFLE IN SINGAPORE. It was so light and airy and ethereal, like it evaporated in the mouth. The sweetness was just right. It was simple delicate and delicious.

350 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427598
Tel: 6345 2127
Tuesday – Thursdays : 12pm -9pm
Fridays – Sundays : 12pm – 10pm
Closed on Mondays

Rating: 3.888/5 grains of sands in gobi des(s)ert


Categories: $0-$20, Dessert, Joo Chiat

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  1. Have you tried the souffle at Esplanade??? Could you try and review it as i have heard that that is the best souffle in town.i want to try one and it’s gonna be my first time so, i want that first time to be amazing souffle-orgasmic.. :DDD


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