CLOSED: Sugalight, Joo Chiat

At my funeral, there will be no curry chicken. Everyone will eat my favorite food: ice cream. (Ice cream is also a happy food, and I want my friends to celebrate the glorious years I spend with them, not mourn.) By then, most of my friends will be old and diabetic, which is why Sugalight offers an excellent solution.

The ice creams are made from xylitol, a natural sweetener found in corn, berries and mushroom. Xylitol is both suitable for children and adults because it prevents tooth decay and is suitable for diabetics by not causing a spike in blood sugar, meaning insulin is not required.

Not only so, Sugalight also receives a “Healthier Choice” from Health Promotion Board. Sugalight sent their ice cream for lab analysis and the calories and fat percentage of Sugalight’s ice creams are 1/3 of premium ice creams’. Sugalight’s ice cream is also 33 times lower in cholesterol because it doesn’t use dairy cream, sugar and egg yolks.

The inspiration of the shop comes from the father of Elgin, a banker-turned-ice-cream-chef. Elgin’s diabetic dad loves ice cream, and there isn’t a shop that caters to his dad’s needs. You know Asians are repressed and don’t like to talk about their feelings but in a way, this is Elgin’s unspoken words of gratitude to his father through the ice cream shop.

For the readers’ sake, I tried ALL the ice creams. Sigh, my sad life.
Valhona Chocolate: made from 70% dark chocolate, it was rather bitter in a good way.
Vanilla Macadamia:  Not much of an impression.
Cookie Monster:  Otherwise known as Oreo cookies & cream. So-so.
Cappuccino: The caffeine hits you overwhelmingly. If you like coffee, try this.
Sea Salt Horlicks: Would have been an awesome flavor but it didn’t come on malt-y enough.
Crumbly Strawberry:  Made from real strawberries, you can really taste the sour fruitiness. The cookie-like crumbs add a nice textural contrast.
Mango Sorbet: tasted like mango ice.
Italian Hazelnut: Not just any normal hazelnut. The Italian Hazelnut has a very woody flavor.
Pulut Hitam: or also known as Or Bee Burr or black glutinous rice porridge. Ok, so-so.
Strawberry: Crumbly Strawberry without the crumbs, not as interesting.
Rocky Chocolate: A hybrid of Oreo cookies & cream but using chocolate ice cream. This would be a better choice for children than the Valhona chocolate because it is slightly sweeter.
Ube-Yam: Yam imported from Philippines. Definitely not your cheap Marigold’s Yam ice cream and in fact, quite opposite from it. You can taste the yam-ness.
Vanilla: Traditionally my favorite flavor, this one was nothing special.
Green-Tea: very pure, very green-tea-bitterness. One of the purest green tea ice cream I have.
Minty chocolate: A pleasant surprise that I liked this because I am a purist and I don’t like to mix mint and chocolate. But it was refreshing. It cleared up the nose like wasabi. Very cooling on a hot day.
D24 Durian: Eating this is almost like eating pure durian.

A single scoop costs $3, double $5, and three mini-scoops (as shown in the photo above) $4. Very reasonable pricing and more competitively priced than well-known ice cream shops.

Because Sugalight aims for a healthy ice cream, what the ice creams lack in fullness and richness in taste, they make up for their robustness, bringing out the thing-ness in the thing, the yam-ness in yam, the greentea-ness in green tea and so on. A second strong point: Someone once told me that good quality ice creams don’t melt easily and this is true for Sugalight’s ice creams. In general, the ice creams are not at all sweet. Children will not like them particularly but adults may.  Because the ice creams are not sweet, the criteria to judge the top recommendations for the shop won’t be based on its balance of sweetness, but based more on the intensity of flavor. I recommend: Valhona chocolate, cappucino, crumbly strawberry, ube-yam, green tea, minty chocolate and durian.

The shop also sells sugar-free snacks such as chocolate and sweets.

The shop decor is very simple. Just a counter to order. Currently there isn’t any table. I suggested to Elgin to put some for people to sit around. The corridor space can be used as al fresco area too. You know lah, Chinese very pan-tang (superstitious), got people sit around means got ren-qi (human spirit?) and ren-qi will attract more people.

One other disadvantage of the shop is the location. However, circumventing the problem, there is home delivery. A pint costs $10.50. Orders of $50 and above, free delivery. If not, delivery charge of $10. Again, very reasonably priced.

32 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427756
Tel: 6440 3644
Delivery SMS: 9632 6261
Email: lick@sugalight.com

Sun-Thu: noon-9.30pm (except Tue).
F-Sat: noon-10pm
Closed on Tue

Rating: 2.918/5 stars

PS: We thank Elgin and Zihui for inviting RERG down to the shop.


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