Singapore Restaurant Week 7th – 14th Oct 2012

And it’s back from 7-14 Oct! Bookings will be opened to public on 12 Sept at Restaurant Week site but American Express cardholders have priority from 5 Sept. 7 Oct is exclusively for BMW owners but the rest of the dates are free-for-all. If you can’t reserve a table, follow them on twitter as they will have live updates when people give up their seats.

All participating restaurants offer 3-course menus for lunch ($25++ or $40++) and for dinner ($35++ or $55++).

The new restaurants that we are excited about are Forest at Resorts World Sentosa, La Maison Fatien, and Waterfall Cafe at Shangri La. The popular favorites that we like are Au Jardin, Bistro Du Vin, Absinthe, Salt Grill & Sky Bar, Novus, and Tanjong Beach Club.

At the media event, we were spoilt to the max. We were given a course each at three different restaurants. From one restaurant to the next, we were chauffeured by BMW 7 series, such a luxurious and comfortable car. VOSS sponsored the still and sparkling water while Wine Universe provided some excellent wines from Giroud Vins, Domaine de la Baume, and Philippe Gonet.

The first stop, for starter, was at One Rochester, which offered us salmon done in three ways: confit salmon, homemade cured salmon and salmon tartare. Out of the three, I enjoyed the salmon tartare the most as it was well-balanced and complex. The other two were rather run-of-the-mill.

One Rochester

1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212
T: 6773 0070

Sg Food on Foot and I were very lucky to share a BMW with the ebullient friends, Lavinia Tan, Lush 99.5FM DJ, and her friend, Geraldine. They were a riot. Lavinia is down-to-earth, humorous and no airs at all. She’s my idol.

So we were driven to a secret location… Salt Grill and Sky Bar. We were anticipating a steak because Salt is famous for their steaks and because on the wine list, we would be having Dole Sang des Martyrs 2000, a red wine of a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamey.

Surprise, surprise. Salt took a risk with poached barramundi in red wine sauce, accompanied by cauliflower puree. The red wine sauce is extremely flavorful when you soak your bread in it. But the fish by itself was lacking and bland. What caught my attention was the extremely silky cauliflower puree, which was liked by everyone at our table and is suitable for people on Atkins diet.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar

2 Orchard Turn
Level 55, Ion Orchard
T:6592 5118

If you’ve seen the view of Salt Grill, you’d know the view and ambience are almost unbeatable..almost. Equinox has us at the helipad, atop the 70 storeys! Well, actually, Equinox would have us at the helipad but the weather conditions didn’t allow that to happen. What a pity.

Still, in my opinion, Equinox really shines among the three restaurants. All three offered desserts were perfect. The passionfruit banana cremeux with mango sorbet in a martini glass went so tartly together, refreshing to the last bite. Needless to say, Grand cru chocolate hazelnut crunch with Madagascan vanilla ice cream gave a chocolate orgasm, rich but light. But my favorite has to be the Poire William caramel creme brulee. It is a common and simple dish so it is difficult to do it well. Equinox’s version has that something special–je ne sais quoi–that makes it quite unforgettable.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But here is Equinox, an old grand dame, impressing me the most. You know what they say in Mandarin, the oldest ginger is the spiciest.

Equinox Restaurant

Level 70, Swissotel the Stamford

PS: Thank you, Carlyn, Shauna and Dining City, for the invite. Thanks to One Rochester, Salt, Equinox, Wine Universe, VOSS, BMW for hosting us.

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