CLOSED: Mayor of Tiny Town (MoTT), Outram


Pei-shi, a former air stewardess, exchanges her wings to open a cafe because of her love for Taiwanese and Japanese cafes. Situated across from Cantonment Police Station (exit G Outram MRT station), the inconspicuous, all-day breakfast/brunch cafe is decorated in the style of Zakka (or “many things”). The philosophy of “many things” sees the beauty in mundane household items such as the letterbox from London and jar from Shanghai that Pei-Shi got when she was a stewardess. Unlike the chic, modern decor with sleek cement floor and walls that many cafes espouse, MoTT shows the personality of the owner.

Bull’s Eye ($15.90)

Bull’s Eye is a variation of eggs benedict: poached eggs on beef patty and muffin, doused in hollandaise sauce, surrounded with sauteed mushrooms, a bunch of asparagus and a cute red dot of cherry tomato.

Bull’s Eye ($15.90)

Although the dish was flawed, some minor tweaking could make it perfect. For instance, the asparagus, poached egg and well-done beef patty could be cooked for a lesser time so that the veg could be firmer, egg runnier and patty moister. Luckily, the hollandaise sauce, sweet not sharp, moistened the patty.

Blue Salmon ($15.90)

MoTT’s chef is a former poissonnier, or the chef in charge of the fish station at Joel Robuchon Restaurant. Naturally, this blue salmon confit was the star. Cooked perfectly with the inside slightly raw, the salmon was paired with lemon ginger tea butter–wow, nouns masquerading as adjectives–that was infused with Bols blue curacao, an orange liqueur.  To us, the pairing produced a cotton candy flavor, which Wise Guy liked (because he likes sweet mains) and Huccalily found strange. The confit comes with a salad with Bols curacao jelly and a delicious baked eggplant puree. I do wish the super delicious puree was more generous.

MOTT Breakfast ($15.90)

The MOTT Breakfast is value-for-money but run-of-the mill, consisting a fried egg, bacon, ham, sausage, tomato, sauteed mushroom, spinach and waffle.

Vanilla Cinnamon Waffles

Instead of the MOTT breakfast, order the vanilla cinnamon waffles. The waffle was the crispy kind which takes a longer time to cook as opposed to the fluffy kind. The waffle was as good as a waffle can get: eggy, sweet but not cloying, and a well-balanced fullness of taste. Although the ice cream could be of a better quality, the home-made cinnamon apple complemented the sweetness of the waffles well.

Pei-Shi the owner, first time venturing into F&B business, knows that it would take at least 18 months to break even but she is not deterred. The lack of experience shows in the rough edges of the cafe but this is also their strongest suit; their inexperience brings about a sincerity, a candor, a passion, a personal touch, a comfort that other cafes lack. You enter MoTT as a new customer but you leave like you’ve known it all your life.

Mayor of Tiny Town

61 Cantonment Road
Singapore 089757
T: 6222 7089

Sun, Tue-Th: 9am-6pm
F-Sat: 9am-9pm
Closed on Mon

Rating: 2.873/5 stars

PS: Thanks Ting Feng and Pei Shi for the invited tasting.


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