O Batignolles, Club St

O Batignolles Singapore
At the intersection of Club St and Gemmill Lane, O Batignolles (Oh Bah-tee-nyoll) is named after Paris’s 17th arrondissement. It is owned by French couple Marie Charlotte Ley and Antoine Rouland, who was so charmed by Singapore on their holiday that they decided to make Singapore their home.

The open-air bistro is very charming and if you speak with Marie, which my BFF did, you’ll find her equally charming.

O batignolles - la mix charuterie et frommage

We started with a decent la mix charuterie et frommage ($26), assorted cold cuts and cheese, accompanied with a bottle of wine at an affordable price (Alsace Riesling Vieilles Vignoy, $50). For mains, we both had onglet or hanging steak ($25) and ended the meal with lava chocolate ($7), spending a total of $146 for two.

To be honest, the food was so-so. But the ambience was intoxicating and the wines are value for money. We had such a lovely time. I suggest you should come here after dinner, for drinks, cold cuts and cheese.

O Batignolles

2 Gemmill Lane Singapore 6438 3913
T: 6438 3913

M-F: 12pm-12am
Sat: 11am-12am
Sun: 11am-7pm

Rating: 3.258/5 stars

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  1. also there is a nice french wine bar up on ann siang hill called Carillon I guess. They have nice French wines and cheap good champagne


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