The Provision Shop & Audacious Cakery, Everton Park

The Provision Shop

Blk 3 Everton Park #01-79 Singapore 080003
T: 6225 9931
11am-9pm daily
Rating: 3.002/5 stars

The Provision Shop Everton Park
A rave review on the food drew us to this new cafe by hotelier Loh Lik Peng (who opened one of the best restaurants this year, Burnt Ends) and Cocotte‘s chef Anthony Yeoh. The decor is an eclectic juxtaposition of clean modern lines and retro lamps, chairs and posters. Chiobu said, “Why do they want to make a new place look so old?” Chiobu observed that the cups and plates made the photos look like we were in a kopitiam.

She also commented the servers weren’t friendly, but I felt they were new and shy and, at the very least, efficient.

The Provision Shop Menu - Reuben Sandwich
The savory food has a simple menu of pastasandwiches, and salads. The Reuben Sandwich ($14) was orgasmic! MUST ORDER. A salty corned beef, soury and pungent sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), a fat Russian dressing, boasted by a creamy Swiss cheese, were sandwiched between two crispy toasted sour dough–a kaleidoscope of tastes!

The Provision Shop Singapore - Belinda's Perogis
The Belinda’s Perogis ($5) was one palm-sized traditional Polish dumpling with mashed potato and ricotta cheese, topped with bacon and sour cream. The dumpling wasn’t dried properly; you can see water at the bottom of the dumpling. It was carbs wrapped in carbs. The calories weren’t worth the taste – give this a miss, and order another another sandwich.

The Provision Shop Sg - Desserts

For desserts, there were lemon cake ($6.50), choc walnut caramel tart ($6.50), and a selection of ice creams and sorbets ($5 a scoop). Chiobu said, “The lemon cake tastes like a fruit cake without other fruits!” Funny but true. It was very dense with a burnt crust, embittered by lemon zest, topped with vanilla cream. The homemade sea-salt vanilla ice cream ($5) wasn’t creamy enough and was bland: its texture was more like sorbet than ice cream. We didn’t finish the cake and ice cream. Skip the dessert and walk two doors down to either Grin Affair for tiramisu or Audacious Cakery (see below).

The Provision Shop Outram - Highlander coffeeNo coffee art?

Both Chiobu and I didn’t like our latte ($5) and mocha ($5) (from Highlander Coffee), bitter and grainy.

We didn’t understand how our experience was so different from the magazine review. We read that the sandwich was huge, but it wasn’t; it was just slightly bigger than a Yakun toast. The magazine recommended keylime pie–not on the menu leh. The magazine had such an excited tone but we left slightly disappointed. It’s about managing expectations. I thought The Provision Shop was an ok experience, not very good but not very bad too, but the magazine oversold it. Chiobu said, “It’s not worth waking up in the morning for.” We spent about $40 for two.

Audacious Cakery

Blk 2 Everton Park #01-61 Singapore 081002
T: 6223 3047
M-Sat: 10am-7pm
Rating: 3.375/5 stars

Audacious Cakery Singapore
Should have skipped desserts at Provision Shop and came straight to cakes at Audacious Cakery. There wasn’t anything audacious about the cafe; on the contrary, it is quite safe with delicious cakes. The green tea cake named Faith ($6.80) was fluffy and tasted strongly of matcha while the chocolate souffle tart ($6.80, ask to warm it, pictured below) was intense but not excessive and came with a thin slice of nuts that added variety. It was slightly bitter but quickly evolved into a sweetness. Even Chiobu, who didn’t like bitter chocolate and nuts, approved of the tart. Audacious also sells cupcakes, and savory bakes like pain au chocolatecroissant and french loaf.

Audacious Cakery Everton Park - Chocolate Souffle Tart

The service by a young, slim boy was wonderful and considerate. When he saw that we didn’t finish the cakes, he asked how they could improve on them. (We were on a diet.)

Quite an excellent cake shop. I think the cakes rank slightly below K-Ki‘s, which to me is the best in Singapore. But two gay men came into the shop and bought cakes. You know gay men and calories: if they eat it, it must be good. We spent $13.60 for two cakes.

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  1. Interesting. Would love to know which magazine did the write up on The Provision Shop? I’m also super impressed at Audacious Cakery with the server asking you how they could improve. I am always astounded if diners leave food on their plate and the wait staff don’t ask that, it’s a perfect opportunity.


    • The magazine is known for its (sometimes overly) brutal honesty. So I was quite taken aback for its glowing review.

      Yes, the server is pretty good huh. And he’s inexperienced and new too. He’s a perfect example that an inexperienced server can be observant and considerate.


  2. Fully agree with reviews on the 2 places mentioned above.

    Was pleasantly surprised to see another new cafe (The Provision Shop) springing up in my neighborhood on Xmas day and excitedly brought my family for brunch this weekend only to be filled up disappointment.

    We are a family with a baby and toddler. Brought along 2 strollers. The server at the door looked at my hub coldly and commented the place cannot fit in 2 strollers. FYI, we were the first and only customers at the time! Are they turning us away I wonder? Hub was in a good mood and graciously replied that we only need space for 1 stroller and the other one folded. Lucky them that I was in a good mood too and thought that the alfresco table is good for us since the weather was beautiful.

    BLAT aka bacon sandwich was so so very salty and bread is truly ‘ya-kun’ thickness. Cappuccino and cafe latte is passable with no coffee art. And food were all lukewarm.

    On the other hand, Audacious Bakery wins hands down with both quality and service. If you find the cakes expensive, you can always opt for the equally delicious cupcakes. I’ve patronized them couple of times, served by different people yet they are always so friendly and humble. Kudos to their efforts.


  3. On the part of the waiter (young slim boy) asking how they could improve their cakes upon seeing the unfinished cakes, reminded me of your another post where the eatery owner told you guys that next time dun order that sandwich or something as they would continue to do it the way they like it. LoL.


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