Wheeler’s Yard, Lor Ampas

Wheeler's Yard Lor Ampas
“I feel prettier just by being here!” squealed Ms Atas. She didn’t mean the vintage-meets-industrial decor, which was very gorgeous and exciting. I was jumping like a kid at the decor. She meant the people here. Goodness, this was where hot local boys hung out. (the girls were so so.) “I’ve never seen such a concentration of good looking people,” she continued. By “people”, she meant boys in their early 20s. She’s a cougar.

Wheeler's Yard Balestier
Like any hipster cafes, this one was packed with hipsters. “The lady who comes alone, who is reading over there. Guess what book she is reading… Ok, I’ll give you a clue. Who is the most hipster author you know?” I asked Ms Atas.

“Murakami?” she guessed.

“Yes! And the most hipster of his books?”

Norwegian Wood?”

Wheeler's Yard Singapore

Wheeler's Yard Sg
Wheelers Yard first and foremost sells hipster bicycles in an industrial park and has recently acquired a f&b licence. I read a recent magazine blurb that the food is made in-house but this definition is very loose. The food is cooked in-house but the ingredients are definitely bought. For instance, the sad- looking big breakfast ($12.90, eggs, bacon, sausages, salad and toast) has its ingredients bought elsewhere and cooked here.

Wheeler's Yard Lorong Ampas - Big Breakfast

Their recommendations are aglio olio ($8.50) and beef burger ($14.90). The burger is costly with only a patty and onion, tomato and lettuce. I included an egg (additional $1.50) and cheese (additional $1.50). But they forgot the cheese. The burger was actually quite bad, amateurish.
Wheeler's Yard Menu - Burger

Even the mocha ($6), with New Zealand beans, was watery. Ms Atas said, “This place is like the people here, like me: beautiful but without substance.”
Wheeler's Yard Price - mocha

The redeeming item came from the red velvet cupcake ($3.50), small but packed a punch, moist and not unduly cloying. Its colouring came from beetroot, not artifical colouring, and you can taste the earthiness. Although both Ms Atas and I don’t fancy beetroot, the taste was counterbalanced by the slightly sour icing, making this quite a complex and excellent dessert.
Wheeler's Yard

The friendly service also redeemed the food. For instance, Ms Atas didn’t want toast in the big breakfast and wanted additional mushroom ($1.50) and the lady boss allowed a substitution and didn’t charge her for the mushroom. Although they forgot to put additional cheese ($1.50) in my burger , the lady boss actually wrote down two slices of cheese on the order chit.

This is an ultra hip space, with a relaxing ambience, beautiful young people, and generous service but the food needs some work. We spent about $40 for two persons.

Wheeler’s Yard Singapore

28 Lor Ampas Singapore 328781
T: 6254 9128
M-Th: 11am-7pm, F-Sun: 11am-8pm

Rating: 3.050/5 stars


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  1. Hi Nathanael, thanks for sharing about this place!
    Sad to read that it wasn’t too much to shout out about. Might just give this place a skip unless I want to get a bicycle.
    I’m just confused about your statement about items being made in house. Would your definition of that include growing and making their own ingredients, or is there some word play here that I’m missing?


    • Haha no wordplay. When I hear ‘made in house,’ I’ve an expectation that sausages are stuffed, bacon is cured, sauces are made from scratch by them. Or at the very least, they should slice their own fries. Buying from grocery stores and cooking in their own kitchen shouldn’t be said to be made in house because most eateries do that. What’s there to be proud about?

      I would consider their cupcake made in house because it’s made from scratch and (I think) they use beetroot instead of artificial coloring. (I tasted beetroot, but I may be wrong.) this is something they can be proud of.


  2. Ah ok, Sorry for the late reply on this!
    That’s a pretty high expectation in my opinion though, but I do agree with you, places that advertise such claims should have some amount of integrity in not using that claim for the sake of using it.

    Happy New Year!


  3. Quote from A. Nathanael Ho.
    “This is an ultra hip space, with a relaxing ambience, beautiful young people, and generous service but the food needs some work. We spent about $40 for two persons. ”
    Hip Relaxing, ok,……. beautiful young people… ????? You got to be joking… Maybe underaged, teenagers with pimples… Ha ha.
    The place has character … BUT the FOOD and Service was SIMPLY awful…
    Forgot about my Burger order. Took 45 mins to get the burger served in the end. Chips were served COLD.
    The Otak Crossaint same… Served COLD and the CHIPS here were COLD and SOGGY.


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