CLOSED PERMANENTLY: Assembly Coffee, Evans Lodge

Assembly Cafe Singapore
Craving for breakfast on a Sunday evening, we were cruising when stumbled upon a new all day breakfast cafe. Assembly Cafe is comforting but characterless, lots of wood and potted plants, but the 5 servers (3 girls and 2 boys) are hot, especially the boy with electrifying eyes and the girl in ponytail.

assembly coffee singapore - eggs benedict
They ran out of muffin and I didn’t mind eggs benedict ($14.90) on toast. When it arrived, my friend said, “I watch Hell’s Kitchen and I know from the looks of the eggs, they won’t pass.” The eggs were undercooked, more soft-boiled than poached. But the hollandaise sauce was slightly tart and appetising. The hard toast worked well when it soaked up the yolk and hollandaise.

assembly cafe evans lodge - pulled pork sandwich
The pulled pork sandwich ($14.90) was dismal. Too little ingredients, too dry, and there was something choking that rushed to the nose (mustard?).

assembly cafe tanglin - waffles
The waffles ($11.50) had a crispy crust and soft inside. The salted caramel and vanilla ice cream weren’t overpowering so you could savor layers of sweetness. I quite liked it.

Assembly Cafe Bukit Timah - latte
The drinks were ordinary. My friend said his hot chocolate ($5) was so so. My latte ($4.50) from a local roaster, Geisha coffee, was monotonous and bitter.

This is a mixed review: the service was prompt and friendly, but the interior small, the food average. We spent $50.80 for two.

Assembly Coffee Singapore

26 Evans Lodge Singapore 259367
T: 6735 5647
T-Th: 10am-9pm, F-Sun: 9am-10pm
Rating: 2.907/5 stars

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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  1. I don’t think you would be cruising along evans rd and stumbling across this place right? more like making your way there purposefully


  2. I had the granola with yoghurt. The granola was more dessicated coconut than granola. But I suspected i was given the bottom of the pack. I didn’t throw a tantrum and merely told the owner nicely. I got a blank stare, no response to rectify and no apology. That was the last time I’ve gone there.


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