Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria, Marina Bay Sands

Carnivore started at CHIJMES in 2004 and this outlet at MBS is its third. The ambience was a little strange because we were dining along the corridor where passersby were walking up and down, gawking at us as we stuffed our faces into swollen bak-changs. And yes, this is a buffet, focusing on Brazilian grilled meat. (I’d like all buffet places to be dark and dim so no one sees the way I gorge, thank you. Gorging is not my prettiest posture.)

The salad bar was inside the restaurant, so you have to walk across the corridor into the restaurant, take the food, and walk back to the corridor to your seat. A bit of a hassle. Strictly speaking, the salad bar wasn’t Brazilian: they had black beans and heart of palm but they also had spring rolls, lasagna, salad, coleslaw, and pasta salad, all of which were an above-average standard.

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria
But the highlight was of course the meat which would come piping hot from the kitchen. Passadors (meat waiters)–most of them were swarthy, thick, handsome, dark-haired (South American?) men, like those on covers of romance novels–moved from table to table with skewers of meat, welding knives, carving chunks onto your plate. Some passadors were friendly while others grumpy; and they would say, “Chicken” or “Fish” or “Lamb” or “Pork” or “Beef” and wait to for your signal to see if you wanted it. The marinate and flavoring were mostly paprika or something tingly, spicy, which made the food scrumptious but quick-filling. Some meat were better than others, but I couldn’t remember which. Surprising, it took only a few servings of meat for me to be full.

An interesting incident happened when we were there. The table, about 7-8 of them, spent $200+ on the buffet and spent another $200+ on drinks because they thought the drinks were included in the buffet! So no, drinks are not included. I wonder how they got out of their scrape.

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria
All in all, the space is badly designed but I guess that cannot be helped. I quite like the concept and the food was delicious and if you can stomach a lot of meat, the buffet is worth the price.

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria Price

Lunch 11.30am-3pm: $34++ (adult); $15++ (child)
Dinner 6-11pm: $49++ (adult); $20++ (child)

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria

2 Bayfront Avenue #01-80 Marina Bay Sands Singapore 018972
T: 6688 7429

Rating: 3.058/5 stars

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  1. have you ever had the churrascuria at fifth (or was it sixth) ave? we went there years ago all the time, and then stopped (not sure why). just wondering if they matched up, because we were pretty impressed with that one!


  2. Carnivore is decent, but a far cry from the real Brazilian Churrascarias, though. You should try it when you visit Rio or Sao Paulo, lah! The better ones are Rodeio, Fogo de Chao, Vento Haragano (Sao Paulo) and Porcao (Rio). Cheers!


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