CLOSED: Carpenter and Cook Jr, Thomson

Carpenter and Cook Jr Singapore

Carpenter and Cook Jr Sg
When you tear a cinnamon roll ($4), it flakes, sounding like a thousand autumn leaves trodden underfoot. The sound! The sound! When you eat it, it has a rich buttery savor, counterpoised with fragrant and balanced cinnamon sugar, crunchy and moist at the same time. (The roll uses a layered crossiant-type, instead of the normal doughy bread.) The roll is slightly burnt on purpose, which adds a beautiful char aroma. Then wash it down with a cup of bitter coffee–I had flat white ($5)–and experience a starburst of kaleidoscopic flavors. THIS IS HEAVEN.

Carpenter and Cook Jr Thomson

Carpenter and Cook Jr Jasmine Road
Different from Carpenter and Cook, which everyone loves, the Jr is a takeaway  only shop. It launches a new selection of viennoiserie, croissant ($2.50), cinnamon roll ($4) and pain au chocolate ($4). The quiches and cakes now come in slices6 inches or 8 inches. 

Carpenter and Cook Jr Menu

Carpenter and Cook Jr Price

Carpenter and Cook Jr Singapore
From the viennoiserie, I also had the pain au chocolate ($4), which was wonderful, an intense dark bitter chocolate with flaky dough. The lemon meringue cake ($7) was fantastic, ethereal as gossamer and so moist. Only the mushroom and asparagus quiche ($6) needed some salt and pepper, which was easily remedied since it was a takeout and I ate it at home. The sandwiches are highly recommended but they weren’t available when I was there.

Carpenter and Cook Jr

Carpenter and Cook Jr
After eating, I felt an immense contentment, like I struck a million dollars and donated it all to Africa–that is how I know the food is good. I love everything about the shop, but I worry about its takeaway concept. Don’t people come to a cafe to sit around? After a 20% discount and a complimentary coffee–full disclosure, the boss and I are good friends–I paid $16.40.

Carpenter and Cook Jr Singapore

17 Jasmine Road Singapore 576585
8am-8pm (close on Mon)
Rating: 3.875/5 stars

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  1. Yay! I don’t need to find a car to go to one of my favourite cafes! Tapao still better than finding a car, then finding friends, then finding time to drive there. :D Now can drop by in my t-shirt and fbts and eat by myself. Muahahahah. Must trust in the deliciousness of their food.

    But really, Thomson why you so hip all of a sudden?


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