&Sons, China Square Central

&sons Singapore
Who says you must cut a new restaurant some slack? The service here was spectacular. Attentive, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. In mid-meal, I was perusing a menu for fun and a waitress noticed me to check if I needed more food. Kudos to the server in the above photo: she was awesome.

&sons restaurant Singapore
Mixed Cheese Platter ($18)

All the servers and cooks are Italians. So the food is Italian served in small plates to share. Each person should order about 2-3 plates. According to the server, everything is made in-house. Even the charcuterie is cured in-house and pasta made from scratch. 

&sons China Square
We trio ordered 8 plates and the food ranged from acceptable to good. The least favorite dish–but still acceptable–was pork tuna ($10, pictured above), a shredded pork, styled like a can of tuna. It was a tad dry.

&sons bacaro singapore

Better than the tuna pork were the calamari ($12, above), cooked just right, with a nice bite but not overly chewy; aspargus, garlic & anchovy sauce ($9), ok but nothing special; prosciutt San Daniele with pickled pears ($12), the appetizing pears perked up the dish; and Kurobuta Pork Neck with Porcini sauce ($15), tender with a nice crisp crust but there was a hint of Maggi Mee seasoning, which was nicely familiar.

&sons cross street

Our favorites of the night: The cheese mix board ($18) with 5 selections (from 13 cheeses) was a winner for us: each cheese with distinct hints, like truffles or cherry. Another winner was the paccheri ($15, above), a must-order. The thick pasta was first cooked, then rolled and baked like a cinnamon bun. When you cut open, it was filled with Iberico pork and the aroma of truffle assaulted the senses. Actually, I think another pasta, sea urchin carbonara ($16) looks interesting too, but too bad we were already too full.

&sons restaurant sg
Kurobuta Pork Neck with Porcini sauce ($15)

So full that I FORGOT about the essential part of the meal, desserts. ALAMAK. When I walked out of the restaurant, I wanted to go back in and try the desserts. But my other two friends were already gone. The salted caramel strawberry jubilee ($12) sounded good.

An all-round winner, good food, classy decor and great service. We spent $200 for three including a bottle of wine ($75). 

&Sons Restaurant Singapore

20 Cross Street, #01-19 China Square Central, Singapore 048422
T: 6221 3937 (Reservations accepted for big groups of 8 only)
&Sons Menu

M-F: 11.30am-midnight
Sat: 5.30pm-1am
Rating: 3.599/5 stars

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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