Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe, Bugis

stuttgart blackforest boutique s-cafe

stuttgart cafe singapore

This is a super fun German-themed restaurant, not a cafe. The decor is like a German forest. Besides being a restaurant, it also sells dry goods and other groceries from Germany. (We tried the free samples left in the open, and bought some back. Save your calories.)

s-cafe Singapore

Stuttgart German Cafe Sg
But the service didn’t reflect the fun decor. My friend commented the servers looked unhappy to work here. I replied, “It’s ok lah, at least they are efficient.”

S-cafe german bugis - pork knuckle
The management, on the other hand, could be more flexible. They were having a 1-for-1 promotion. We ordered the german pork knuckle ($50) and wanted to get  a free pasta (which is about $20). But they insisted that we could only get another free pork knuckle. This was silly. They could have save money if they let us have the pasta. And if we got pork knuckle and free pasta, we wanted to get starters and desserts and spend more money. They could have saved money AND earned more money AND we could try and feature more dishes if only the management was flexible. But because we four had two pork knuckles, we were too full to order anything else.

Stuttgart German Cafe Middle Road
The pork knuckle was not bad, crispy skin, tender meat, but might be a tad salty. Because of the promotion, we spent $15 each. Good value.

Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe Singapore

141 Middle Road #01-01, Singapore 188976
T: 6336 8675
S-Cafe Menu
Rating: 3.513/5 stars

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    • I am from the Black Forest and Stuttgart has nothing to do with it…
      anyhow, when i came across this place I had to quench my curiosity as well as my coffee addiction, but was appalled by several issues, some of them I could find in your post and comments as well:
      – management is not flexible
      – staff must earn terrible the way they look and serve
      – price for coffee is insane
      – they are leaving all doors open with an incredibly chilled interior, that’s as environmentally hateful as it gets! when i closed one door, i received hateful looks and the door was immediately re-opened!
      i will also never, ever return to this place!


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