South Korea Itinerary Part 6: Jeju Island

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Jeju Itinerary Days 9 & 10

Domestic flight to Jeju (see “Getting Around Korea.”) There is no way you can tour Jeju on your own. The attractions are too far apart and the buses have no numbers. You have to stop every bus and ask the route. The best way to tour Jeju is to (1) join a day tour or (2) rent a car and drive.

I joined the Yeha Tour (T: +82-64-713-5505), which tours the West side of the island on one day and East side on the other. A day tour costs ₩79K (adult), ₩69K (3-18 years old) and free for under 3. So if you want both the West and East courses, multiply the fees by two. This price includes pick-up and drop-off, lunch and admission fees to attractions.

The West Course (M, W, F) includes Halim Park, Suwelbong Trekking, Spirited Garden, Althr Airfield, Mt. Sanbang, choice of Cheonjeyon Waterfall or Teddy Bear Museum. The East Course (T, Th, Sat) itinerary: Trick Art Museum, Seongeup Folk Village, Seongsan Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak, Women Diver Show, and Manjang Cave.

If you’re driving on your own, my advice is
i. Suwelbong Trekking: although this is a UNESCO site, it is merely a walk along a beach. Wear good shoes. Slippery floor.

ii. Spirited Garden, a passable bonsai garden

Althr Airfield
iii. Alddreu Airfield: is where Japanese built concrete hangars to hide their kamikaze planes from being bombed during WWII. While the historical significance makes it worth going, there is no information found anywhere, no boards being put up. A pity Jeju didn’t preserve this wonderful piece of history.

Cheonjeyon waterfall
iv. Cheonjeyon Waterfall: it is said that 7 nymphs from the Heavens descend and bathe here daily and if you dip yourself in the waterfall on 15th of 7th lunar month, all diseases will be cured. But the waterfall is closed off from tourists and there are too many tourists. Small waterfall too. Wear good shoes.

v. Teddy Bear Museum: I didn’t go personally but I heard from my fellow tour group that this is boring.

vi. Kids and cam-whores will love the Trick Art Museum where you can take photos with 3D classical paintings.

(b) Average Attractions:

i. Mt Sanbang: Another UNESCO site, also known as Sanbang-gulsa (grotto), it is a legend that the top of Hallasan Mountian blew off and this piece became Sanbang mountain. There is a Buddha statue at the grotto. But if you’ve seen one mountain with a cave with a Buddha in it, you’ve seen them all. Wear good shoes.

Seongeup Folk Village Jeju
Seongeup Folk Village: The poles are the traditional facebook status. 3 poles represent “We won’t be home for a long time, don’t wait for us.” 2 poles mean “Parents are not home but kids are.” “1 pole refers to “We will be back shortly. Come in and wait inside for us.” 0 pole means “we are home.”

ii. Seongeup Folk Village is a well maintained village with 4 stone gods guarding the entrance. Quite a beautiful and educational walk but since I’ve been to the folk village at Andong, this is ok.

iii. Seongsan Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak: UNESCO site. This is the toughest climb I had in Korea. And it wasn’t worth it. When I reached the peak, the clouds came and I couldn’t see 10m ahead. By 1pm, you should climb down the mountain and to the coast to catch the Women Diver Show. Again, I didn’t find it spectacular. It was a bit of a cheat to me. I witnessed the granny taking a octopus from the tank in the restaurant before the show, and during the show, when she dived into the sea and emerged, she held up the same octopus. I understand this was a performance and that she was very old (the average age of women divers are 66 because no one wants to do the hard job). But I can’t help feeling cheated.

Woman diver jeju
In the past, Jeju’s women worked while men studied at home. Now female divers are a dying trade: dangerous and hard work. The average age of the divers is 66, with the oldest at 85.

women divers jeju
Woman divers work throughout the year, including winter. They only wear a suit with stones attached. They can stay underwater for more than 10 minutes.


Halim Park
Since Jeju is a volcanic island, there are many rocks with different shapes and they are named “bear,” “frog,” and “a mother carrying a child.” But this rock, standing erect at Halim Park, is begging for a name. Any sexggestions?

Ssangyong-gul at Halim Park
The magnificent Ssangyong-gul

i. Halim Park: is the effort of one man, Mr Song Bong-kyu, who planted all the trees, shrubs and flowers over the years. While his determination is admirable, the Ssangyong-gul, a cave within a cave, that looks like twin dragons, is amazingly fun to walk to through. It is also noted for its stalactites and stalagmites, not commonly found in lava caves.

Halim Park
Halim Park: The rocks actually looked quite cute in real life. In photo, they look like Ju-on.

Halim Park
Halim Park: Buddha knows UV is damaging to the skin and sits in an arbor.

ii. I probably have a thing for caves. Manjang Cave is the world’s large lava cave and is very impressive with the rock formations and stalactites. There is always something so mythical and awe-striking about caves. UNESCO site.

While the day-tour was great (friendly tourguide!), there were some places that the tour didn’t cover:
1. Mt Halla (Hallasan): UNESCO site, highest peak in South Korea, sitting in the middle of Jeju Island. Set an entire day to reach the submit, none of the trails are easy. Bring water and food and windbreaker. Take the Yeongsil Trail (7 hours up and down), the easiest and most scenic, or the Eorimok Trail, the most difficult but most beautiful.

2. Yeomiji Botanical Garden: Largest arboretum in Asia.

3. Hamdeok Beach.

4. Cheonjiyeon Waterfall: Its name means “where the sky (cheon) meets the land.”

5. Jusangjeoli Cliffs: Natural cliffs that look like hexagonal and cubic pillars, like they are handcarved.

6. Jeju Folk Village: My guidebook says this is more fun than the Seongeup Folk Village I visited because there are folk performances, traditional craft artisans, pony rides and photo-op of traditional wedding outfits.

7. Museum of Sex and Health: An educational institute. For a more fun photo-op with sexy sculptures, go to Loveland.

8. Coffee Waterworld: coffee-themed water park with coffee museum, farm, roaster, herb sauna, Korean Sauna, outdoor spas, and massages. You can even soak yourself in coffee!

Of all the places I’ve visited in Korea, Gyeongju is my least favorite, followed by Jeju. The reason is the same: both places seem catered for tourists. When I go to a place, I’d like to know its culture, and not how it presents itself to tourists.

Where to Stay in Jeju

Mt Halla splits Jeju Island into the North called Jeju-si (near the airport) and South called Seogwipo. Jeju-si is more developed with casinos and nightlife but Seogwipo has newer hotels and is up-and-coming.

Yeha Guesthouse
L-shaped room with the TV beside the bed

Yeha Guesthouse
Since I toured with Yeha, I could get a 20% discount staying in Yeha Guesthouse. They have two branches, both in Jeju-si, one near Bus terminal and one near the city hall. I picked the city hall one, which was new. The room was spacious and clean. You have to ask for towels at the reception. 10-15 minutes walk to City Hall where the good food is The hostel is cheap and good!

What to Eat in Jeju

jeju city food
Jeju is famous for its black pig, mandarin oranges and cactus juice. Jeju is an island, so seafood is fresh.

Shit Pig Jeju
Black pig is also known as “shit pig” in Jeju. In the past, they didn’t have food to feed pigs. So people shat directly at the sty (where the tourguide is standing).

1. I had black pig at two places: the buffet restaurant at Spirited Garden and a bbq restaurant at Seongeup Folk Village. Both places were included in the Yeha tour and I thought, meh. So-so niah.

Spirited Garden
Buffet Lunch at Spirited Garden

Grilled black pig
BBQ black pig at Seongeup Folk Village restaurant

2. I had some mandarin orange products. Quite delicious but a tad sweet.
Jeju Mandarin Orange Ice Cream Mandarin Orange Juice Jeju

3. Cactus juice was yummy with all sorts of different tastes going on.

4. Bogun (19, Dongkwangro-6gil, Jeju-si, T: +82-64-753-9521, okdom-gui grilled tile fish and obunjak ttubaegi earshell and clam stew): highly recommended by the locals.

Dawoojung Abalone Porridge
5. Since I was only there for a night, and I had so much spicy food and kimchi for the past 9 days that my faeces were bright orange, I thought I should eat something calming for my stomach. Had abalone porridge for ₩13k at Dawoojung (1012-2, Ido 2-dong, Jeju-si, T: +82-64-751-9966). Not bad.
Click to enlarge namecard:dawoojung directionsdawoojung

To be continued…

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  1. Hi. Amazing blog ! thanks for the guides! I know you mentioned Jeju is your second least favourite place; so it makes me kind of hesitate here; should I spend the extra money (air flight, accomodation etc ) to go there just for one night or will I be better off just travelling around Seoul ( shopping and eat !!). I will be travelling in a pair. Thanks !


    • To me, it’s not worth going for the so so scenery. But are you interested in caves, rock formation or weird museums? If yes, then go jeju. If not, stay in Seoul. Seoul has many interesting places to explore. I think you can stay in Seoul for 7 days and still find things to do. Besides you can take a day trip from Seoul to Suwon, or Andong, or Haeinsa. These 3 day trips are definitely more economical and fun than jeju. Check out the links provided in the entry for the day trips planning.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i have to agree. I’m currently stuck on jeju for another 2 days & have no idea where to go. i’ve done the scenic stuff which doesn’t compare to Australia’s great ocean road. The waterfall is especially disappointing, very small, not as natural as a garden had been built around it plus you have to pay. Waterfalls are bigger in Australia set in rainforests, free and if in Queensland, you can swim in it. Mountains do not compare to the likes out of China eg yellow mountain. should have stayed in Seoul.


  3. Hi, I am interested to visit the Coffee Water world that you have mentioned in your blog. I tried to searched the web for more information but couldn’t find. Do you have more information about this Coffee Water world? I am keen to visit with my family. Thank you very much! Cheers!


  4. As a jeju resident myself, i have to say that planned tour here still needs lots of improvements. So I made upa website to provide info for backpackers travelling to jeju. Next time when you come, get some info from

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  5. lovely blog…just read it….about to start exploring jeju…already disappointed :)
    i might make it a rest n recoop n get freash n sleep trip before heading to California finally :)


  6. Hi, Your blog helps allot. I was wondering, how many days is enough to stay in Jeju?. Planning to visit Jeju first, before Seoul. If you ask why Jeju first? I’ve been to Seoul 3 times and never went to Jeju before.


  7. Hi Rerg,
    Thanks for this informational blog. My friends and I have bought a tour to Jeju island for 3 days so the itinerary is already drawn out. However we would like to do some exploring a ourselves. Since we are neither seafood fans nor avid pork lovers, could you please recommend what chicken or vegetarian food would be available? And, how much would an average meal cost?


  8. Hi again. You mentioned you can rent a car. Is it possible to rent a motor bike or scooter to do the same things ? Thanks in advance.


  9. hi Tommy
    i hope you are doing well, here i would like to inform you that next month I have plan to travel in Jeju for 4 days. Please help me to make a travelling plan for me to visit the places in jeju


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