La Cantine, Asia Square, Raffles Place

La Cantine SingaporeTouted to be the only restaurant in Singapore where a 3 Michelin star chef Bruno Menard helms the kitchen, I was excited stepping in the quirky restaurant: the decor is opulent with gold as its main color (my favorite color!); cosy with windsor chairs and parquet flooring; and eccentric with upside buildings like The Cathedral of Montmarte as “chandeliers.”

But the service was a mixed bag. Everyone else was in shirts and ties but I was in tee-shirt and jeans, and my friend was in a polo shirt and cargo pants. The manageress ignored us. I waved to her, she lifted her palm to signal ‘wait’ but didn’t even smile, and then went on to serve two other tables. She didn’t come back to me or get her staff to attend to me. After we waited for a while, I got hold of a waitress and asked her about the menu. She didn’t understand English and couldn’t reply the questions. Then I spoke nicely to the angmoh manager who apologized and assigned an affable and attentive waiter to us. I saw the manager talk to the manageress after my complaint, and she just threw her head back and laughed. She didn’t even bother to come and apologize. Maybe he didn’t tell her about my complaint, maybe they were talking about something else. So my advice is: SUIT UP! If you don’t want to be neglected and get angry, dress like a banker or trader working in Raffles Place.

La Cantine Singapore Set Lunch
We wanted to take advantage of the set lunch ($39+, an appetizer, main and dessert) but there were NO options. You die die have to take the salad, chicken thigh and a fixed dessert. Why like that? So we ordered the a la carte. My friend had an onion soup ($28), sirloin steak ($39, pictured above) and vanilla ice cream ($10). His comment was the food was excellent, the steak succulent and tender.

La Cantine Raffles Place
My B Burger ($24) with foie gras (additional $8) came as a dry aged beef patty that was cooked beautifully, still pink inside, juicy. The foie gras was perfect too, dissolved like butter in mouth. The comet cheese melted over both meats like a nuclear meltdown… a juicy and delicious nuclear meltdown.

La Cantine Asia Square
The lava cake ($15) was fantastic too. It was a caramel lava, not chocolate, and the crust was hard but the inside was soft with a tinge of salt to balance the sweetness. Awesome rich vanilla ice cream.

As a result, the decor was awesome; the food was delicious, not too expensive and didn’t disappoint; but the snobbish attitude of the manageress had really put me off. We paid $145 for two.

La Cantine by Bruno Menard

8 Marina View #01-01 Asia Square Tower 1 Singapore 018960
T: 6690 7567
La Cantine Singapore Menu

Rating: 3.369/5 stars

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