Hatter Street Cafe, Kovan

Desserts, just desserts. No savory food, no coffee, and Chiobu hates cafes under HDB blocks–no ambience, she says–but the desserts here are worth a visit. Packed on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm, along the same stretch as Nakhon Thai Kitchen, Hatter Street is named after Alice in Wonderland. Yvette Chua, who owns the place, trained at Singapore’s Culinary Institute of America and apprenticed at Hong Kong’s 3 Michelin-starred Bo Innovations for four months.

Hatter Street Singapore
There are three types of waffles (or they call it “Whoaffle”) at $8.90: seasalt caramel, pandan-gula melaka and… I stopped listening after pandan-gula melaka because I knew I wanted it. Woah, BEST WAFFLES EVER. It came crispy and the taste was explosive, drizzled with gula melaka and served with a scoop of homemake pandan ice cream. The star of the shop.

Hatter Street Kovan
The popcorn cake ($6) was equally delightful, so light and ethereal, as if there were ZERO calories in it. Divine!

Hatter Street Cafe kovan
Because we had two excellent items, I was greedy and ordered what was supposed to be the bestseller of the shop: The Rabbit Hole ($5.80). Alamak, the law of diminishing returns. The chocolate cake was pretty good, rich and intense, but after having two heavenly items, the supposedly best item in the shop was a let down, a tough texture, a confusion of styles of rusticity and lightness.

Hatter Street Cafe SgOne other critique is that the desserts are monotonous. At first bite, they were all fantastic, but as you eat more, you’ll get bored. Normally I hate sharing desserts, but in this case, less is more, share them.

Overall, the marvelous desserts, worth travelling for, were reasonably priced and there were some great surprises. The service was amazing too. We spent $20.70 for two persons.

Hatter Street Singapore

212 Hougang Street 21, #01-333 Singapore 530212
6988 4591
T-Sun: 1-10pm
Rating: 4.063/5 stars

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