The Square @ Furama RiverFront Singapore: East Meets West Buffet With Some Exotic Dishes

furama riverfront buffet review
Don’t be confused with the Furama at Chinatown or The Square@Novotel. This Furama is near to Great World City. And the food was quite quite wonderful. In addition to the usual cold prawns, sashimi and roast beef, it had some surprising items, seldom seen at buffets. There were century egg, cold tofu with pork floss, salmon fish head with spicy bean saucedeep fried crispy chicken, mussels in butter sauce, and even frogs legs in cream sauce. There was also seasonal items like brussel sprouts, which I generally adore.

Furama hotel buffet

furama riverfront buffet promotion

the square @ furama
I never eat carbs at buffets, such a waste of valuable stomach space, but we went back twice for the angel hair pasta. Cooked al denta, and so delicious.

The Square restaurant buffet menu

the square furama buffet menu
Frogs’ legs

the square furama buffet price
Salmon fish head

Even the desserts showcased its East meets West concept: a Chinese white fungus soup (which I generally like), and bread pudding and almond cake.

The Ex and I came without any expectations, and were delighted by the exotic spread. I don’t like buffets because I feel like I have to eat a lot to wu hua, but I’d return to this buffet again. Surprisingly good. And wahh, the opening hour is till 3am in the morning. Wonder if we can gorge ourselves till 3. We paid for ourselves but there was a promotion, so I think we paid half price. (We visited this some time ago, so do let us know if the standard has changed.)

Furama Buffet Price: Lunch ($50+), Dinner ($60+)

The Square@Furama RiverFront Singapore

405 Havelock Road, Furama RiverFront Hotel, Singapore 169633
T: 6333 8898
12-2.30pm, 6pm-3am
Rating: 3.406/5 stars

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