Potato Head Folk, Keong Saik Road: Famed Balinese Beach Club Serves Fantastic Burgers in Singapore

Potato Head Folk is one of those overhyped joints that I, true blue hipster, am reluctant to visit but feel compelled to report. Luckily, Chiobu went and wrote this piece. So nice to have friends who contribute.

Potato head singaporeWe fell in love with Potato Head Beach Club in Bali, and we were so excited that Potato Head has opened in Singapore. I was expecting it to be in Sentosa, because the Bali one was so gorgeous. If you are planning on a trip to Bali, be sure to go Seminyak PTT Head Beach Club!

Potato head folk singapore reviewLocated at Keong Saik, the 3 storey PTT Head Folk took over Tong Ah shop space. The Three Buns, which serves mostly burgers, is located on the 1st and 2nd floors. There are not many seats on the 1st floor since it is meant for quick dining and takeaway. The dining area on the 2nd floor is really small. The weird thing is you cannot make reservations for dining, but you can make reservations for the drinking lounge, Studio 1939, which is on the 3rd floor.

We were told there would be a rooftop bar on the 4th floor but it was not ready when we were there.

For drinks, we had cocktails, Tom Collins ($15), and Zombie ($18) which were recommended by the server. Zombie was too sweet, even after I diluted it with a glass of water. Tom Collins was so-so. Although it seemed like the drinks were expensive, they were actually reasonable given that they were about 1.5times the usual cocktail glass serving.

Potato head Keong Saik priceWe also ordered House Fries ($5) and Wing-Its ($8) for starters. Skip the House Fries. Why they no serve truffle fries? Now still fashion normal fries meh? But I’ve heard good stuff about the Naughty Fries, so don’t make the mistake like I did! I liked Wing-Its because it was heavily coated with a slightly sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.

For mains, I had The Three Bun’s signature burger, Baby Huey ($20) made with 150g of grilled beef patty, cheese, pickles, spiced mayo, and the Notorious T.O.M Sauce. This burger was SO good! The bun was soft, and soaked up the juice from beef patty. I usually leave half a bun so I don’t feel so guilty (evil carbs!). But I finished the whole bun! The beef patty was pinkish in the middle, done perfectly in medium, topped with melted cheese.

Potato head keong saik menuI just got back from the States and I have tried burgers from In-and-Out, Shake Shack and Five Guys. The Three Buns Baby Huey was definitely up there! I am happy to know that if someday I’m craving for Shake Shack, I can make my way to PTT Head Folk to have a good burger. But must order 2 lah, Baby Huey is really small for a $20 burger.

For desserts, I had Rich Chocolate Pot Head ($6). Came in a very small tub, this dessert is a must order. The chocolate was rich, and moist.

Do not expect friendly service; this place is a hipster joint, so the servers are acting cool. To prove that it’s a hipster joint, the walls are covered with very colourful drawings. There’s even a creepy little girl statue, holding a bong at the couch area. The servers were very prompt in clearing used serviettes, to the point that I felt like I was killing trees with each wipe. Everytime I placed a used serviette on the table after a wipe, it was cleared. No need so prompt lah!

The music got a bit too loud, and we were shouting at the top of our lungs to speak to each other. Then again, it’s a burger place, so maybe their intention is for customers to eat liao, and go up to Studio 1939 for more drinks and chat?

Potato Head Folk Singapore

36 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089143
T: +65 6327 1939
11am-midnight, closed Mon

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