Battle of the Bakery-Cafes: Croute by Hummerstons (River Valley) VS The Missing Pan (Bukit Timah)

One is over-rated, the other understated. Guess which?

Croute by Hummerstons

The Missing Pan

Address & Opening Hours 491 River Valley Road, Valley Point Shopping Centre #01-11/12, Singapore 248371
T: 6887 4996
M-F: 10am-9pm, Sat: 9am-9pm, Sun: 9am-6pm
Croute menu
619D Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269724
T: 6466 4377
T-Sat: 9am-9pm, Sun: 9am-5.45pm
Concept & Decor Croute Singapore review
Croute by Hummerstons menu
Croute, pronounced as kroot, means crust. A bakery-cafe. Very relaxing, with lots of magazines, clearly a place that people can chill out for long.
Also a bakery cafe, the decor was rather characterless. Bright with lots of light wood.
Chef Chef-owner Bouk Cebula, who also owned the defunct Hummerstons My Google-fu failed.
Food Croute sg
In addition to a main each, we four shared a bread basket ($9, with choices of dips). The best of the four mains was truffle scrambled eggs ($18), a hot mess of black truffle atop creamy scrambled with umami mushrooms and pork sausage. All stacked on a piece of homemade sour dough bread.
Croute hummerstons singapore
I’d also recommend Spanish pork tortilla ($24), which had everything: braised shredded pork, scrambled eggs, guacamole, homemade pico de gallo, sour cream in a tortilla wrap. It was tangy and slightly spicy with chipotle.
The missing pan cafe Singapore
According to Huccalyly, so-so 62 Degree Eggs Benedict ($22, smoked salmon, avocado and seaweed crumbs on homemade sourdough). She said, “They shouldn’t put ‘avocado’ on the menu, when it is like guacamole.”
The Missing Pan review Bukit TImah
French Toast Salpicon ($19), stuffed with chicken and mushroom, topped with chunks of goreng pisang, and fruits – pretty, savory, and sweet. Huccalily asked, “Are you eating dessert or main?” I didn’t mind it as the dish worked. Charred brioche, a pleasant burnt aroma. Best to share between 2 persons.
Coffee Smooth with a nutty aroma, not at all bitter. The Missing Pan SG menu
Weak and mineral. Below average.
Service Minimum contact with wait staff. You pay at the counter and they deliver the food to you. Considering how busy the cafe was, the wait staff was cheerful, swift and prompt.
Pros (+) & Cons (-) +quiet, relaxing, unpretentious
+plenty of parking
+town area
-hard to find parking
-crowded & may need to queue
 Price Paid about $25 each, including drinks. Paid $62 for 2 persons.
Rating 3.344/5 (All four of us loved this place. Huccalily was impressed, asking me excitedly, “How do you know this place? You’re really a foodie!”) 3.063/5 (Both Huccalily and I didn’t like it. We won’t return.)

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  1. incidentally, I have a post on the missing pan coming up! and I liked it – but I don’t drink coffee, and we were lucky to not have a queue when we arrived.. I’ve seen croute when grabbing some ice at the ice cream gallery, and hadn’t been intrigued enough – but now I am!


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