CLOSED: Fat Cow Palace, Chinatown: Malaysian Burger Joint Crosses the Straits. So Worth the Moo-lah!

fat cow palace chinatown review
Fat Cow Burger has over 30 outlets in Malaysia, operated by Malaysian Chef Eddie Soh who has an impressive resume. When the fat cow crossed the Straits to Singapore, it rebranded itself from Fat Cow Burger to Fat Cow Palace.

fat cow palace temple street price
The Fat Cow Palace Burger ($18) comes in a set with fat, broad chips, a salad, and a soft drink. If you order it on Monday, the set comes with beer. And on Tuesday, the set comes with additional dessert. Super worth the money, right?

fat cow palace singapore menu
Peek a moo.

fat cow burger singapore
The burger consists two thick, juicy beef patties, two slices of parmesan, crispy deep-fried onion, charcoal flour-bun, and bacon, the only item on the menu to have pork. No salt was added; the saltiness came from the bacon itself, but it was still a tad salty for me. Because it was juicy and heavy, the bottom bun was soaked, making it messy to eat. The juice ran down my hands. Still, this burger is damn worth the buck for a hungry person.

If you don’t want beef, the super friendly Malay server recommended Hawaii Ulu Ulu burger ($15). A funny name: ulu means a remote, far away place. Basically, it’s a Hawaiian pizza made into a burger using chicken.

fat cow burger temple street chinatown
The friendly Malay server said, “Almost every table orders the grilled chicken skewers ($15).” We kiasu, we didn’t want to be left out. It came on a bed of salad and chips. This was the star of the restaurant, better than the burger. Tender, moist, and it was just mildly tinged with herbs, which brought out the sweetness of the chicken. The salad undercut and balanced the chicken.  

Service: If chef-owner Eddie Soh is reading this, the Malay server deserves a raise. Double his salary, then double it again–that’s what I think he deserves. He is chirpy, helpful, and friendly. He came once or twice to ask us how things were. He explained to us what we were eating. He is better than many fine-dining servers.

Word of caution: Only 1 server and 1 chef at the moment, so the food may come slowly. Be patient. Still, it was an amazing dining experience. Michael Buble was playing, the food was ample and delicious, the service top-notch. Malaysia boleh! We paid $34 for two.

Fat Cow Palace Singapore

43 Temple Street, Singapore 058588
T: +65 6220 7783
11am-11pm daily
Rating: 4.156/5 stars

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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  1. Looks awesome. I am always on the look out for new burgers. Never heard of this place in Malaysia either. Do you think it will shake up the burger industry in SG, and compete with the likes of Omakase or Kraze?


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