Do You Want to Build a Snowman?: Celebrate Christmas with Rainbowly, Pioneer of Fresh Fruit Bouquets

Rainbowly SingaporeRainbowly is the pioneer of customizable fresh fruit bouquets and dipped fruits arrangements in Singapore. The bouquets are stunning centerpieces to celebrate birthdays, festive holidays, and weddings—or you can just surprise your partner with a bouquet. I don’t know about you, but I prefer getting a practical fruit bouquet to a boliao bouquet of flowers. You can’t eat flowers, you know, unless you’re hua chi.
Rainbowly ThomsonRainbowly engages a UK professional to train their fruit artists on the arrangements to ensure international standards.
rainbowly hello kittyNot only are the arrangements beautiful, Rainbowly also wants the bouquets to taste delicious. They use high-quality chocolate from Europe, and fresh strawberries from United States. Now you can have your bouquet and eat it.
rainbowly singapore
rainbowly thomson V twoFor more information, visit Rainbowly (11 Sin Ming Rd, #B3-09, Unit 10, Thomson V Two, Singapore 575629; T +65 6555 6390; order@rainbowly; Facebook.)




Images provided by Rainbowly. This is an advertorial.


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