Bitters and Love, Clarke Quay: Take a Ride on Thor’s Lightning Bolt

Bitters and Love Singapore Review

Bitters and Love food menu

The Library has Harry Potter, Bitters and Love has Thor. In my head, this conversation had happened:

bitters and love food menuMe: Hey Thor! What did you dress for Halloween?

Thor (in his sexy British accent): I was painted as an animal.

Me: I bet you are. But you should have come as Thor.

Thor: Yeah, man, just give me a hammer.

Me: Thor’s powers come from within. If you reach deep down inside yourself, you’ll find your hammer. Or do you need help with your hammer? I volunteer as tribune.

By day, the space operates as “Shoebox Canteen,” serving quick lunches to busy executives. By night, it turns into Bitters and Love, a bar with bespoke cocktails, and bar snacks.

bitters and love North Canal Road review SGYou can either choose from a list of cocktails, or pick an alcohol (gin, vodka, bourbon, whiskey, etc) and request for sweet/ sour/ refreshing/ fruity/ whatever.

Each cocktail is about $25. The drinks came in adorable crockery: a martini glass with a teacup top, a metal teapot, a drink with neon lights. The space was quirky, but unpretentious, cool, and comfortable. The music was soft, so you can hear each other talk (finally! a bar that gets it right!). And the service was top-notched.

The drinks were a bit thrifty on alcohol, but they tasted alright. Not the best cocktails I had, but not the worst. (A street away, 28 Hong Kong St has the best cocktails.)

Given how every inch of Thor Bitters and Love is perfect from the bottom to the top, like Meghan Trainor’s body, this bar scores, even when I didn’t. We paid about $77 for three persons, having just a cocktail each, before heading somewhere else. But this is a bar I will swing by again soon, swing by on my chandelier. 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, drink. Bottoms up, Thor. I’m coming for you.


Bitters and Love Singapore

36 North Canal Road, Singapore 059292
T: 6438 1836
M-Th 6pm-midnight, F&Sat 6pm-2am

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