Alt Pizza, Suntec: One of the Best Pizzas in Singapore (Good Draught Craft Beers too!)

alt pizza singapore reviewAlt Pizza is so good I visited twice in two weeks. Incredibly sexy Chef Matthew White has left Extra Virgin Pizza to start his own joint – and yes, he has some tricks left up his sleeves. The hard-to-find joint is small, cozy, and fun: a samsui woman in the pose of “We Can Do It” poster. Hilarious headlines on old “newspapers” under the pizzas. Hipster music like Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, although I guarantee you the joint is not at all pretentious.

Alt Pizza Suntec ReviewI prefer menus to be kept small like Alt Pizza’s: starters, pizzas, beer and wine. There were salads, and since I was on a diet, I ordered calamari ($10) and wagyu short rib meatballs ($12), to go with my wonderfully fruity Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat ($10), a sweet light beer, easy for almost-teetotalers like me. The calamari was very tasty, with its creamy chipotle lime aioli dip, but was a tad limp–could be fresher. The meatballs was delicious too: had a nice chewy texture, and went well with the zesty organic tomato sauce.

On my second visit, a Sunday, I was surprised to find Matthew White around. So hardworking and hot. For starters, the Sriracha chicken cesar salad ($12) was awesome fresh and tasty. Alt wings ($12), a variation of buffalo wings, were my least favorite of 4 starters, but still ok.  

Alt pizza suntec priceBeer and pizzas are the best. You can DIY your pizzas or go for their signature pizzas. At first, I regretted the truffle shuffle ($14). It has “leopard spots,” trademark of authentic Neapolitan pizzas. But there wasn’t enough truffle oil, and the savory fennel sausage clashed with the sweet caramelized onions. However, the more I ate the pizza, the more delicious it became. The colder the pizza got, the better the sweet and savory blended together. In the end, this pizza became an addiction.

alt pizza singapore menuOn my second visit, The Hangover ($14) was a simple pepperoni pizza with fennel sausage, which worked perfectly for me.

Alt Pizza SingaporeDesserts were the weakest link. There were nutella pizza doughnuts ($8), but I went for a passionfruit and lemon curd ice cream ($4), which didn’t have the sour of passionfruit I was looking for. But I can safely say, as a compliment, that Alt Pizza is the new Extra Virgin Pizza. We spent $68 for two persons on the first time, and $100 for 3 persons on the second visit. Fantastic pizzas and beer, all we needed was a beach.

How to Get to Alt Pizza: It’s on the outside of the Suntec building, near the taxi stand between Tower 3 and Tower 4.  

Alt Pizza Singapore

Suntec City (between Tower 3 and 4 taxi stand), #01-602, Singapore 038983
T: +65 6836 9207 (reservations for 8pax and above only)
11am-10pm daily
Rating: 3.881/5 stars

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