Nunsongyee 눈송이 Korean Dessert Cafe, Serangoon Gardens: Bingsu Like Snowflakes, Mindblowing!

nunsongyee korean dessert cafe serangoon reviewIn Korea, I ate several bingsu, which is basically Korean ice kacang, ice shavings, condensed milk, and toppings. But there wasn’t a bingsu like this one. When I ate the strawberry bingsu ($18.90), a major sense of win overwhelmed me. SO FANTASTIC.

nunsongyee korean dessert cafe singapore menuThe road to the new cafe is a treacherous labyrinth–but it was worth it. Burghley Dr is a one-way road, so there is no shortcut from Li Huan Drive. You have to drive one big round (or take bus 317 from Serangoon interchange). If you take the bus, alight when you see Burghley Squash Centre. Drivers, zoom past the centre, into the school-like building with a sign Burghley Lifestyle Hub (formerly Serangoon Technical School) on your left. There is parking in the Hub.

nunsongyee korean dessert cafe burghley drive priceStrange that a Hub is deep within a private estate. Strange for a cafe to be located here. The decor is bare but with high ceiling and very Korean. The cafe, opened and run by Koreans, only serve coffeeteasmoothiesKorean rice cakestoast, and bingsu. So if you’re hungry, you can dine at the newly open Empire Art Cafe in the same building, then come here for bingsu. And you must. MUST, MUST, MUST.

nunsongyee korean dessert cafe burghley lifestyle hub There are 10 flavors of bingsu, starting from $14.90, big enough for 2 persons. The incredible ice shaving is fluffy like snowflakes, like short shreds of coconut pulp, with a milkiness, so you now know Koreans not only use technology for plastic surgery. Flakes of almond and red bean are buried in my strawberry bingsu – so remember to dig. Topped with a milky vanilla ice cream. Super invigorating.

Is it worth traveling here? Yes.

Is it worth paying $18.90? Tom n Tom’s selling for $11.90, hawker center $2. I’m undecided. The taste was unbelievable, but largely due to the shaving machine. The ingredients were stingy – they could have packed the bingu with ingredients and still make a tidy profit.

So is it worth paying so much? I dunno, I got confused and distracted by a server.

Me: Whoa he must be the best looking man I’ve seen in… a week… maybe a month.

Will: A month? You mean, a year? He’s very handsome. Do you think he went under the knife?

He looked like a young, improved, no-dark-side version of Julian Hee. You know the scene in LOTR when Gandalf fought a monster, “Thou shalt not pass”? If the server were there, he only needed to smile and the monster would implode by his dazzling brilliance. His dimpled smile can power electricity for the entire 7 million people in Singapore. If your phone battery is flat, ask him to take a selfie with your phone. 100% fully charged in 0.3sec. 

nunsongyee korean dessert cafe sg So yeah, I got distracted, but the bingsu, with its mild sweetness and texture like drifting powdered snow that melts on your nose as soon as it lands, rounded my wonderful gastronomic day–I visited 3 good cafes that day–and delayed Armageddon.  We paid for our own meal.

Nunsongyee 눈송이 Singapore

45 Burghley Drive #01-04, Singapore 559022
T-Sun 10am-10pm
Rating: 3.2/5 stars 

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