Pizza Fabbrica, Kampong Glam: One of the Best Restaurants This Year

pizza fabbrica singapore reviewEngineer-turned-restaurateur Sumeet Singla, whose family owns a Michelin-starred restaurant in USA, leaves no things to chance. Every little detail is considered. Here is a sample of our conversation:

Me: Why do you want to open an Italian restaurant? There are so many in Singapore.

Sumeet: 90. There are 90 Italian restaurants in Singapore.

See what I mean by he’s prepared and has done his research?

Wanting to create a casual restaurant with exquisite food, Pizza Fabbrica (which means “factory”) has a sleek industrial look to match its shop name. To go with pizzas, craft beers are imported from Italy, and behind each beer, there is a story. Sparkling water is free and freeflow.

pizza fabbrica Bussorah Street reviewItalian Chef Matteo Boifava, who has worked at Fat Duck, presents an amazing menu; every dish we tried that night could be specialties. For pizzas, dough is proofed for 48 hours, using caputo flour imported from Italy, before entering the wood-fired oven.

Not sure if it was the Fabbrica Beer (imported from Italy, $14), with hints of strawberry, that opened my tastebuds but everything I tasted was perfetto. The vegetarian Pizza Fabbrica ($28, fresh mozzarella imported from Italy, pumpkin base, broccolini, and sun-dried tomato) was irresistible. I stuffed it in my mouth with speed faster than an actress can be impregnated by her gay actor-husband. The dough wasn’t the crispy kind; it was soft, which went well with the pumpkin base. It tasted like unagi don! so I didn’t miss meat at all.

pizza fabbrica kampong glam reviewThe Garganelli ($24) had a perfect al dente bite, paired with chocolate lamb ragout and smoked ricotta. It was still a savory, not sweet, dish: the chocolate came as an underlying flavor.

pizza fabbrica singapore menuIt was, of course, nice that the piece de resistance, truffle risotto ($32), another vegetarian dish, was full of truffle that in every mouthful there was a slice of umami. But really, the rice! Whenever you see “Acquerello rice” on the menu, order it! It is aged from 1.5 years to 7 years, and it really makes a difference. The rice here was al dente, robust and rich, but without being sickening. This was heaven on a plate.

pizza fabbrica Kampong glam menuThe baked seabass ($28), covered in zucchini and tomato, was another umami-rich dish. The fish was soft, tender, full of its natural juices, but not mushy. Gave me a feeling of bliss.

pizza fabbrica Singapore priceMy experience is that when the mains are good, the desserts are bad, but not at Pizza Fabbrica. The quirky and sour saffron panna cotta ($12) in Sambuca red berries was wobbly like tofu, but didn’t disintegrate upon spooning. The chocolate cake ($12) with hints of orange was the right amount of density so you won’t feel bloated after a heavy meal.

pizza fabbrica bussorah street priceThere are thousand-and-one things I like about Pizza Fabbrica, including having very delicious vegetarian options so that friends of dietary restrictions can come together; clean, unpretentious decor that isn’t oppressive; excellent range of beers; and prices aren’t exorbitant. To me, Pizza Fabbrica exemplifies the perfect restaurant. And what the perfect Pizza Fabbrica needs now is a little bit of luck, and then it will become insanely popular.

Pizza Fabbrica Singapore

69/70 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199482
Tel: +65 6291 0434

Sun, Tue-Th 11.30am-11pm, F & Sat11.30am-midnight, closed Mon
Rating: 3.833/5 stars

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This is an invited tasting.

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